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Raw Food - Boost Your Health

You may know the benefits of eating food and what is the advantage of consuming it for our body. But do you know we consume more cooked, processed foods and artificial toxinconatianing food or you can say junk food that has a bad effect on our healthy body? Our body requires very specific nutrients to act and perform well.

What happens When we cook food?
As we know, food contains some nutritional value that helps our body to work and perform better. But what happens when we cook food? So the answer is, when we cook food, food comes into exposure to heat, temperature, light, and oxygen, causing the greatest nutrients loss. Even when we wash out the foods with water, it also reduces the number of nutrients in food.

Benefits of Consuming Raw Food:
I explained how we lost the amount of nutrition from food by just cooking it. Although it is also good for digestion, we still can’t get all the nutritional value from one meal. This is why it is highly recommended to consume raw foods such as fruits and vegetables and add them to your every daily meal. To know more about Fruits and their Benefits on Our Health