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Buffalo Shootings
workers gone
A Divided Nation

A Divided Nation and the Brite White Line of Truth

Hello Fellow Patriots: America leads the world in both good and bad ways. American freedom, culture, literature, work ethics, technology, altruism, democracy, and other attributes do set the tone for the rest of the free world. Arrayed against us are several anti-democratic countries that find American values and power their existential threat and have become […]

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Tune in to your favorite news channel and the first thing you will notice is the slant. I marvel at how most networks, newspapers, and social media outlets report with either conservative or liberal bias.
The Supreme Court
Turning Back America’s Clock
putin war

Biden’s Loss of Moral Authority

Hello Fellow Patriots: I’m going to discuss two interlocking themes today. They are Biden’s Loss of Moral Authority and the mechanism whereby it became so. I believe the President is in Cognitive Decline, perhaps from some form of Dementia. We’ll also discuss how the President views Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, both as a threat to […]

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How Government is Failing Us
Living a Meaningful Life and Common Ground