China Syndrome

China Syndrome

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Remember the movie “The China Syndrome”? Well, we’re not discussing that kind of nuclear meltdown today. But instead, we are discussing another kind of meltdown…economic. Most realize that China has eaten our lunch. But what most don’t know is that China was a reluctant participant early on. Every subsequent action is on us!  It was only later that American companies got greedy and decided to trade their patriotism for corporate growth. How else to explain the wholesale exodus of American jobs and technology overseas; particularly to China? The reason: to make our goods more competitive on the world market by utilizing cheaper labor which results in higher corporate profits.  China is not just another country among many who got America’s manufacturing jobs; it was THE country, the number one country that took our jobs. China has cornered 28.7% of all manufacturing jobs in the world. Think about it for a moment. 

Today, we’ll talk about how that came about and discover, in the process, how both corporations and our government put blinders on to make a bargain with the devil. When you look at the logic of trade with China, you realize quickly that our motives were capitalistic, but we neglected to understand the ramifications of building up a country that one day, was likely not to just be a rival, but an adversary, a Marxist Communist adversary. Someone was asleep at the switch as this trainwreck slowly unfolded over decades.

On a secret trip to China in 1971, it was Henry Kissinger, President Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State who got the ball rolling. The strategy was twofold:

  1. To fracture the relationship between the Soviet Union and China, which did happen
  2. To attempt to bring the world’s most populous nation into an alliance with the West, both economically and hopefully and in that way, perhaps naively, change their system of government.  At this point, we can state…not so much.

Alfred Coucher, an old China watcher said “In 1978, two years after the death of Mao, and during the period in which the ‘four Asian Tigers’ began their journey to prosperity, Deng Xiaoping initiated policies designed to reduce dependency on state ownership and central planning, and introduce private incentive to revive the Chinese Economy which had been dormant since Mao initiated comprehensive nationalization in 1956.”

And so began a period of nearly 40 years that unleashed economic reforms in China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) encouraged capitalism as a way to prevent the possibility of a populace in revolt who had experienced a severe famine, stark living conditions, and other deprivations under Mao who killed at least 65 million Chinese.  Capitalism there helped lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and created trillions of dollars in wealth, but also led to rampant corruption and eroded the ideological basis for continued Communist rule.

Xi Jinping came to power in 2012 when he was elected to head the CCP. Xi lived a carefully curated life designed to assure his ascendancy to control of the CCP. In 2021 the Wall Street Journal ran an article that laid out the rationale for Xi’s change of heart. For him, the capitalistic experiment was over:

“Xi Jinping’s campaign against private enterprise, it is increasingly clear, is far more ambitious than meets the eye… He is trying to roll back China’s decades-long evolution toward Western-style capitalism and put the country on a different path entirely”

The question is why now? To be blunt, the West’s main usefulness is no longer as operative. Thanks to the West and especially the US, China has been transformed from an agrarian economy to a modern high-tech powerhouse. They accomplished that through voluntary and forced technology transfer from Western nations and then, for what they could not get through that avenue, through the theft of intellectual property. It is that IP issue that is of utmost importance today.

The West’s IP is our secret sauce. It is the only thing that China does not already possess. China has an estimated 25,000 spies in the US. Most of them are stealing not only military but economic secrets and technology. They are Vampires sucking our lifeblood. We should see this as economic warfare just short of actual war and thus respond accordingly. 

The biggest question is, what happens when they have sucked us dry? Time will tell, but there are many signs that this won’t end well.  One only has to read the current news of China’s military current encircling Taiwan, ostensibly as punishment for Speaker Pelosi’s visit. It is not.  I believe that was only a convenient tripwire for actions already in the pipeline. 

The American Enterprise Institute has stated that China sponsors the theft of IP because its main challenge is a lack of Chinese innovation. Beijing’s preference for large firms and state funding at the expense of genuine competition ensures it will struggle in key areas, from aircraft development to shale. The main challenge is China’s acquisition of IP and the use of regulatory and financial subsidies to develop products from that IP is to drive the U.S. out of global markets. 

You can read article after article explaining how China has manipulated foreign companies by promising large orders in exchange for technology transfer. 

At the moment, China is withholding fulfillment of orders placed with Boeing and promised under President Trump, even as China just ordered another 292 aircraft from Airbus last month.

China made that deal with the Trump administration back in 2017 to buy 300 Boeing jets. China, as it frequently does, is using this order for political leverage against the US. This is par for the course with them. China became the last major nation to recertify the Boeing Max just last month. Their delay in recertifying was a studied tactic, not to gain concessions from Boeing, but rather from our government. Whether we can get any on-order aircraft delivered is subject to the approval of the CCP. China only lives up to its word when it is good for them.

For those readers that don’t fully understand it, there is no Chinese government, there is only the Communist Party instructing government functionaries on what to do. The CCP requires all government entities, companies, and even individuals to fully follow its directions, mandates, and orders regardless of the law or China’s Constitution. End of any discussion. 

CCP policy is ultimately anti-American, so our ability to either influence or even require compliance with written agreements is limited. China is a monolithic entity that Americans can’t comprehend. Everyone in China is watched, evaluated and in the end, freedoms recently received are being rescinded.  No court or politician can offer redress. Look up Jack Ma for a better understanding of what can happen to someone who strays too far from government edicts. An order from Xi can be compared to an order from God himself. China shoots or imprisons those that dare to disagree. 

Understand what we are up against. There is no trying to outfox this fox. As a country, we hue to a set of rules that many of our adversaries laugh off as quite quaint. China is playing chess. We dare not allow them to Checkmate us.

Allan J. Feifer





Hello Fellow Patriots:

Let me ask you a question. Is our form of government different today than let’s say our government 50 years ago, 100 years, or even back to our founding?

Sure, it is. Our Founding Fathers would not recognize what we’ve done with their “Perfect Vision.” While technically we have the Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy, the drumbeat of the New Left is decidedly pro-pseudo-Democratic as they fight to redefine us. And in doing so, a new Political Super Class of elected officials has formed that no longer respects the conventions, goals, and history that saw our country become the only free Superpower on Earth. Citizens like you and me stand in the way of their New World view. Liberals (Marxists) are gunning for us. The Left is clearly articulating a message for those that stand in their way; it says loudly and clearly…Drop Dead!

Calls for the end of the Electoral College in favor of popular vote elections are but just one example of this new worldview. Another example is a rabid attempt to kill the Senate system of requiring 60 votes to pass legislation. Those are perhaps, the two best-known battles. But, in a myriad of other actions and reactions, our long successful system is under great strain. We return to the same subjects over and over again because the cumulative effects of these anti-democratic practices are eating us alive from the inside out. Constant bickering prevents us from coalescing around common and vital essential truths necessary for our survival.

The new Government Cabal which henceforth, I will call the ‘Imperium,’ is something different than we’ve seen before. There have always been factions, but we’ve been Americans first, especially during times of strife. Not as in America First, but Americans with a common heritage, value system, and shared aspirations.  Sadly, that’s what has changed and is what I believe to be the root cause of the fractious divisions within our system. 

I’ll stay away today from any mention of enemies, conspiracies, or the reasons this conflict commenced. Instead, we’ll just lay bare the issues that divide us and, that we as a society must come to peace with.  We must also relearn and refocus on several critical truths if we are to survive as a recognizable vestige of our former selves. Recognizable in terms of six basic constructs that define us, that I call:

The Uniqueness of America

  1. Freedom from Government Oppression—our government now has the power to intrude in everything we do. The highest achievement of our country should be restraint in the use of its unlimited powers on its people except in support of these enumerated truths. The government has overreached and violated the Constitution by assuming the majority of powers originally reserved for the States and intruded too far into the everyday lives of its citizens.
  2. Individual Freedom to Succeed or Fail on our own.  We have tried to create a benevolent Government that has created a safety net for tens of millions. In the process, we have taken away the principal impetus that each individual requires to learn, fail, try again and then flourish. Failure, ugly failure is as American as Apple Pie. A benevolent government winds up being a tyrannical government such as we have today, by eliminating an ability to fail.
  3. An Open Door Policy for immigrants who desire to become Americans cannot be unlimited.  How painfully we hurt all those souls who do not and cannot live as we do. Millions of caring Americans together allow us to be the most generous nation in the world.
    The beauty of our American system is not that we can take in a billion poor souls and bring them here. No, the beauty of our system is how the American people have changed the world and created, through our economic vitality, hundreds of millions of middle-class individuals.  We then helped to provide clean water and food for many millions more. Opening the door and bringing them here, as Biden is doing, won’t fix economic disparities. Already it is well known that a majority of the immigrants coming here illegally will never assimilate into our country or benefit our country economically; they’ll just drain us of our treasure and our unity. For the first time in a very long time, perhaps forever, it is not the intent of many immigrants to assimilate. You see this play out everywhere with highly concentrated immigrant areas all over the country.  People continue to speak their native tongue and the signage in areas where they live is printed in a plethora of foreign languages. Why don’t we demand that you learn English if you come here? It’s certainly not racist; it’s both essential and practical.Did you know that you can take the Citizenship Test without speaking English? There are many exceptions to the requirement to have to learn English.
  4. A Government that Creates the Conditions for Success.  Our government has forgotten its central purpose, which is to aid its people in the pursuit of happiness. And, in doing so, now has decided it will intervene in our system of free markets to engineer social outcomes. Does anyone truly believe that the government, based on its past actions, can create laws, policies, rules, and incentives that will do anything except distort markets and healthy behaviors?Good Government should be a cheerleader for mostly economic issues, leaving social issues to individuals, religious organizations, and private charity whenever possible. In matters of life and safety, the government must tread carefully on peoples’ lives. Too heavy a touch negatively influences behavior to the point of creating more of the hopelessness, poverty, and negative behavior that you can see oozing out of our pores today. The hundreds of thousands of government workers who dole out the billions of dollars are also ultimately unproductive and yet another drag on our society.  Not everyone can work for the government.  Someone has to work productively, pay taxes, and create new wealth that is vital to our future. Government is increasingly hostile to the creation of wealth. You see scheme after scheme all trying to figure out how to make someone who creates wealth “pay their fair share.” Never is it stated that too many of us pay little or nothing in taxes and the number of takers grows daily in an unholy cabal between those takers and an ever-growing government.
  5. A Military that Protects our Security, Especially Trade Routes. It’s a cold cruel world out there. With little in the way of brotherly goodwill, and no other democracy able to step up to the plate, our military is all that stands between us and foreign domination. It’s that simple. Warriors are a different breed. They can’t be compared to career civil servants. Those that we ask to stand watch over us as we sleep should not be subjects for social experimentation.   Keep your cotton-picking hands off our men and women who may someday be called to lay down their life for you.
  6. The Right to Practice our Religion and a requirement to be an Ethical Nation Our most fundamental right has been completely turned on its head. The Founding Fathers had it right. While our government can and must be secular, the principles that govern our every move must be founded on the Judeo-Christian origins we brought to the New World.  They gird our nation and make us stand out from so many others. A history of Morality and Ethics has been completely undercut by minority groups that seek an atheist country; God forbid that happens.  A judgment-free country is nothing more than a collection of individuals wandering in the desert. Good morals, ethics, and an abiding belief in God must continue to be our foundational bedrock.

I hope you are still reading as I bring this piece to a conclusion. America is worth fighting for and even dying for. But only if we stay true to our origin and our true mission. What mission you may ask? We are the only nation that has and still can make the world a better place. Our fundamental enemy is no longer China or Russia. It is ourselves and the ‘Imperium’ we have somehow allowed becoming our own ruthless Dictator. WE THE PEOPLE are our most sacred superpower. Never forget that truth and always believe that WE THE PEOPLE can move not just mountains, but entire worlds when we stay true to our miraculous beginnings.  There is no backstop to us. We rise or fall on what we do next.

Allan J. Feifer




America is Thinking

The vast majority of Americans have little interest in politics, but a great deal of interest in their daily lives. The US has historically averaged one recession every twelve years. Some of those recessions have been mild, while some have had quite a sting, but none have ever been declared a Depression since the granddaddy of them all back in 1929. It’s been 93 years since the last one. Like a major California earthquake, we would seem to be overdue.

I don’t believe we are looking at another 1929, but I’m not sure. Many structural changes have been made since then that have worked well to keep us from going completely over the cliff like the FDIC and a better understanding of how to blunt or prevent a depression by the Fed. What can cause a Depression?

  • Burdensome government regulations that reduce productivity and force bad choices
  • A Labor Participation Rate that is out of balance with the needs of the country
  • High Taxes that disincentive investment
  • Financial Contractions that encourage people to spend less and save more
  • Overly tight credit puts a brake on investment
  • Trade Restrictions that discourage business
  • A lack of confidence by our citizens leads to even greater uncertainty
  • Wages demands over what the market mandates
  • Energy cost and availability are out of balance with society’s needs

Where we are now:

  • Government Regulations, after a period of decline under Trump, are now accelerating to achieve desired social outcomes of this administration.
  • The Labor Participation Rate (LPR) is currently at 62.3%. vs. a historic average of approximately 66%. The LPR has been on a downward slide since 2008. We don’t yet have a good understanding as to why people are not working as much as they used to. There is no one single answer but we need five million more workers today.
  • Biden has promoted the theme of income inequality by using the ruse of wealthy individual’s tax rates should be greater than that of their secretary. What he never says is that the top 10% pay 71% of all Federal Income Tax and that the bottom 50% essentially pays nothing.
  • The issue of energy is scary. It would be desirable to have clean, economical, and reliable renewable energy sources vs. fossil fuels. But, we’re just not there yet. $60,000 electric cars (the average) make up less than 1% of vehicles. Wind and solar make up only 7% of our power. We are 20-30 years away from any semblance of the carbon-neutral world envisioned by President Biden. But his policies strangling fossil fuels today may collapse our economy in the near term.

The main lever that government uses to influence, direct, incentivize and punish is the U.S. Tax Code. As boring as the subject is, everyone should have an understanding of the importance of the Tax Code to their safety, prosperity, and freedom. I’ll try and be brief.

Ever hear someone say that you could do your taxes on a postcard if the only two lines were how much did you make and a number to multiply that to figure your taxes? The Federal Tax code is 74,608 pages. That is 187 times greater than it was 100 years ago. The primary driver of this growth in complexity is government meddling. Some meddling might be good, such as the encouragement of family-friendly tax incentives to achieve important societal purposes. However, beyond that, politics and specifically special interests have driven the tax code into something altogether different. Today, the tax code motivates or dissuades all kinds of actions and activities it has no business doing and frequently promotes anti-social values. And, once inscribed in the code, it stays forever! So, why haven’t we updated a tax code that is the brunt of jokes for its complexities and inequities for far too many? Because Congress wants it that way, that’s why!

Let’s talk about what the purpose of a well-written tax code should be. There are two major purposes as I see it:

A. Raise revenue to run the country
B. Encourage positive economic outcomes

The first is obvious, the second tends to be misunderstood. In a capitalist country, the government is largely supposed to step aside and allow a business to succeed or fail on its own merits. In attempting to achieve certain social outcomes through taxation we interfere with that primary focus. Here’s one example that bothers me at the moment. A Windfall Profits tax for the oil industry is being proposed by Biden. That’s government substituting its knowledge (or more likely, done for political gain) for that of the market. It is a distortion of the free exercise of capitalism. There are many examples of the tax code codifying advantages for some and creating barriers to entry for others.

You and I see the consequences of this not-so-subtle manipulation of free markets as artificial market volatility. This happens when people do things in finance, business, and investment primarily for its tax implications and not because it was/is good business. I used to be involved in apartment ownership. There was a time when tons of money was available to build unneeded apartments back in the 70s because of how owners could take down their losses in an accelerated manner. The law was changed and all of sudden, fewer apartments were built, leading to higher rental rates and a lot less construction of new units.

Government meddling in tax codes caused some of the worst recessions in recent memory:

“The last two recessions happened due to the bursting of two asset bubbles: first the dot-com stock market bubble in the early 2000s and then the housing bubble starting in 2006.”

Allan’s rule 19 is “that whatever you encourage or subsidize you get more of.” In the dot-com bubble tax codes favored quick write-offs which led to unwise investments:

“Capital Gains Taxes and Stock Return Volatility: Evidence from the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997"

In the housing bubble, the apparent cause was that “debt grew quickest among borrowers with low credit scores” Why did lenders loan money to borrowers with no proven ability or means of likely paying back their mortgages? Back then it was the creation of a truly Frankenstein construct of financial derivatives called “Strips”. Here’s a great current example: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces Immediate Steps to Increase Affordable Housing Supply. Admirable goals, lamentable outcomes. This initiative includes no less than five tax incentives designed to get more people into homes. Great! But the result will be that quite a few of these homes will be lost due to foreclosure or will require additional public support to keep their owners in these homes. Over 11 million people spend more than 50% of their income on housing. That is unsustainable and is the norm, rather than the exception for people in so-called “affordable housing.” Nearly half of American workers cannot rent an apartment or own a home on their own. Manipulation of the tax code cannot change the calculus of housing costs outpacing income.

My conclusion is that a focus on tax codes to achieve good, but non-economic goals is a fool’s errand that invites gaming of the system and frequently never achieves the originally stated goals. Congress is ill-equipped to assess the ramifications of jiggering a system of taxation that ultimately promotes income inequality instead of fixing it.

Our inevitable conclusion is that governments cause recessions and depressions through their meddling in tax policy to achieve specific social, economic, and political goals more often than geo-political events. I don’t foresee Congress changing its stripes anytime soon. This virtually locks us into a boom-and-bust cycle that never ends. Is there a better system that would prevent this? No. But, there is one thing that could limit the meddling going forward.

Congress gets together in a truly bipartisan fashion on quite a few things. Then the horse-trading commences with various amendments tacked on that frequently have nothing to do with the bill and that’s the end of bipartisanship. You can also blame the use of omnibus legislation which was rare in the past and is now the norm and a rather stark difference in vision between the two parties, which I will characterize as Conservative vs. very Liberal. Yes, Democrats have changed the most in the last 60 years. Consider that President Kennedy today would undoubtedly be considered a Conservative Republican if he was alive today.

I think all of the foregoing as being both important to understand and to guide us as we make our political choices moving forward. Think long-term, not short-term. And, always be positive. And, vote!

God Bless America and especially Ukraine at this time of genocide and war that sees no end in sight.

Allan J. Feifer



Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

Every day I’m asked a simple question.  “What has happened to our country and why?”  Something to reflect on as we celebrate 246 years. It seems that I’m always answering the first part, but not really answering the second part. I’ve concentrated in my articles on the relevant facts that largely do little more than reinforce what you already probably knew. Yes, I’ve touched frequently on the subject of leadership and political gridlock which are very important to our subject, but I have not focused down on what I believe is “The” issue that we can change and that will truly make a difference.

Given that a blind person can see that we are both divided and lack focus, we know the problem, but not the solution. Even more, is the issue of agreeing on priorities. What do I mean? We need to have a societal understanding of what is important in order of importance so we can attack the problems in manageable bites. We are so married to our own personal priorities that we totally miss the big picture and can no longer focus our time and resources on what’s important.

All of us know of people and organizations singularly focused on a single issue which, to them, is the most important issue. Be it save the turtles, save the whales, or build bike trails, each has its own following, often with an almost single-minded intense focus on “their” issue. You can extend that to thousands of other special interest issues from access to public lands, to shooting rights to abortion. In this manner, we each create our own ‘Tower of Babel’.  And, like that Tower, it’s as if each of us speaks our own language that no one else can understand. We talk past each other in our daily lives. We have reached the point where we can’t come together because we no longer share a common language, which I will call the language of Community.

This is our focus issue that we’ll talk about today. It’s become apparent to me, and likely to you as well, that our various communities, individually strong, are collectively weak. There is no panacea to bringing us together into complete societal peace.  The very nature of our country has always been a rollicking, pushy, divisive, and energetic mishmash of conflicting thoughts and actions. That’s our strength. You can call it diversity, but to me, that’s tantamount to a cuss word. Let’s call it what we used to; a melting pot.

There’s a huge difference between diversity and a melting pot. A melting pot is much more like a bubbling super-hot blast furnace, where different minerals are forced to come together in a way that nature did not intend, with the final product being steel. The steel you can build with is also the steel in your spine and within our society. That process delivers the next generation of Americans that are nearly indistinguishable from one generation to another having gone through the same overall process.

A weak society is an illness. Weakness is different from compassion. Weakness is something worn around a person’s neck like a badge of honor when it really should be a badge of shame. But you can’t say that anymore for fear of offending someone and shaming them even when appropriate. Societies have always used shame to encourage conformity with societal norms.

Societal norms exist for a reason; they strengthen society and shepherd its people to do positive things. A close friend of mine heard that American workers think they are the best in the world and the most productive, while he stated that Chinese workers have a low opinion of their productivity. That’s an important distinction that got me thinking. Americans have been on a self-image tear for a generation now. It does not matter how much you produce, or how successful in life you are; it seems as if your self-image is what is important and we are being taught to decouple a lack of success in our lives from worthiness. Effectively, we’ve gotten good at lying to ourselves. That’s not good for us as individuals or for our society as a whole. We have created a trophy generation. All you have to do is show up and you’re golden.

Now that we have defined our terms of engagement, what do we do about it? First, individually, and collectively, we must create obtainable and positive goals that can be achieved. We must once again begin to recognize the difference between success and failure and we must not be afraid to respond accordingly. We need to memorialize our goals in writing, individually and collectively.

A country codifies its goals and aspirations as national doctrines and policies for all to see, understand, and when appropriate, challenge. It’s difficult to hold anyone or any country accountable for indistinct goals. Clarity is essential. Beware of people and leaders that don’t speak in a manner that is not authentic, always couched in something other than simple declarative phraseology. If a speaker does not speak with clarity, they either don’t want to be held accountable for results or worse, they wish to deceive you. Clarity in communication is vital and must always be a given.

Remember the old meme “if his lips are moving, he’s lying”? Let’s just change that a tad and create our own new meme; f you can’t understand what he’s saying or it does not make sense, he’s lying.” Let’s all be a little less forgiving when we are obviously being manipulated. Conversely, we have to retrain ourselves to accept responsibility for our actions, even when it hurts. This is a sea change from our experiences over the last 40 years in how our schools have been indoctrinating our children, now adults, to believe that a no harm, no foul life is possible. It doesn’t even sound like it could be that way when you say it out loud, even as millions and millions of us under 40 live our daily lives.

It is not just possible; it is essential that we be able to communicate in a common tongue. And, I don’t mean language either, even though that’s an obvious prerequisite. We must be able to understand each other. That requires that we not only listen, but we allow for the probability that we individually don’t know everything. Each of us cannot be on our own voyage of discovery/adventure without a definite destination in mind separate and apart from all others.  Life is random enough without adopting an anti- planning mentality. To do otherwise is to throw the dice and expect to win each time.

Always remember that the House always wins in the end, my friend. While our conversion to thinking, reflective and reasonable individuals should start when we are young, many of us skipped or were not taught those important school lessons. We should always keep in mind though, that all of us have the innate ability to change and, adapt to ever-changing conditions.

We should make the decision individually, and as a society, to leave this place better than we found it. To do otherwise is the abdication of our responsibility to our families, our country, our religion, and ultimately to ourselves. We have the power and the responsibility to affect change.

What will we do with that awesome responsibility? That’s the question, and I hope, the promise of a better tomorrow that is within our individual grasp!

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer

Author, Businessman, Thinker. Read more about Allan, his background and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at



Laboratory One and “Former Persons”

Two things one must understand about evil. First, while everywhere, evil is frequently hidden from our view. Second, evil is seductive and attracts those to it that may live otherwise ordinary lives. It may help us to better understand evil as some kind of cult. Those that belong to the cult of evil are part of something semi-exclusive that not everyone can join. Evildoers frequently do things, which to them infer a sense of superiority and exclusivity for those on the inside.

Today I’ll share with you the chilling but true story of political poisonings and bioweapons hotly pursued by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and a couple more would-be contenders who feel little restraint in pursuing a path of pure evil to this day.

While on vacation, I read the book The Dancer and the Devil which is subtitled “Stalin, Pavlova and the road to the great Pandemic” written by John O’Neil and Sarah Wynn. Have you ever considered that some of the seemingly most complex issues are a product of people looking for that complexity when the answers are simple? So, it is with this story as well. We’ll begin today with the end of the story and work our way backward.

This story’s title begins with the term “Laboratory One.” That is what Joseph Stalin called his poisoning and bioweapons labs, commencing back in the 1920s and continuing to this day. Stalin used poisons that created both natural-looking deaths when he desired stealth, and horrible deaths when he wanted to make a public point. Stalin killed his enemies both internally and externally. He was particularly cruel to ex-pats who had the temerity to criticize him. He frequently “recalled” emigres that had fled Russia in the early days, commanding them to return. His purpose in recalling these people was to be able to kill those that returned quietly, beyond prying eyes. Stalin was ruthless, frequently killing entire families to underscore his authority.

Among those emigres that Stalin truly hated was Anna Pavlova, generally considered to be the most famous of all the diva prima ballerinas.  She died in Europe of poisoning in 1931 after refusing to return to Mother Russia.  These sudden unexplained deaths became so common that the phrase “Previous Persons” was coined, referring not only to the deaths of some people but to the way the Soviet Union would rewrite history by completely removing someone from all records, photos, newspapers, and all other ways that would allow someone to live on in memory, sadly, killing entire families also became too common.

Up until 1956, Communist China and Communist Russia were joined at the hip. This meant there were few secrets between the two countries that saw themselves divvying up the world. Soon, new Laboratory Ones popped up in China. China already had a historic association with targeted poisonings. With Stalin’s help, China soon became a contributing member of the cult of death.

But something happened that changed everything, all at once. The introduction of the Atomic Bomb was a watershed moment for Stalin. It became apparent to Stalin in the 50s that the age of the Atomic Bomb could prevent the Soviets and their close associates, the Chinese, from destroying the west through conventional means as had been his long-term intention. Stalin’s Laboratory One would still go on to kill millions of his own people and others over three decades, but now, it had a new, even more, urgent mission; how to kill your enemies not with rockets, but with microbes or other toxins. Even after the split between the Soviet Union and China in 1956, the writing was on the wall and China was still taking notes. To underscore this point, it is widely known that some Russian ICBM’s payloads were not nuclear, but biological, to be used after a Russian first strike.

The 1972 UN Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and their Destruction” was the follow-on to the 1925 Geneva Convention. All major nations, including Russia and China, signed on and then promptly forgot about by the latter two. Importantly, the West, collectively and practically have given a false reliance to their people that Russia and China mean what they say, despite evidence to the contrary. The naivete of the West is hard to phantom. Whether we are talking about climate change or nerve agents that Putin has deployed against his own people and others, Russia continues to do what is in its ruthless self- interest. Programs like Operation Bonfire and Operation Flute run today as we speak, all known to US and foreign intelligence agencies and all conveniently swept under the rug so our political leaders don’t have to deal with these inconvenient truths that might require a consequential response.

Given that Russia continues to look for ways to annihilate us while keeping its public skirts clean with at least the semblance of plausible deniability, what’s China doing? The end of the Chinese Spring was clearly demonstrated at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Tank Man stood in front of a main battle tank and seemed to fulfill our wishes to see individual freedom defeat the Monsters. That’s the lingering memory that so many of us had. How many of us knew that 10,000 died in that same event? More uncounted dead followed as China reapplied its Iron Glove. That was the starting point for an ascendant and once again brutal China after a short period of economic and social freedom.

Xi came to power in 2012. Putin assumed power in 1999. Both held the belief that the decadence of the West’s influence on their two countries would inevitably lead to a liberalized and indulgent population unwilling to declare its unwavering allegiance to Putin and Xi. Such a condition would be untenable for these two tyrants.

While each pursued different objectives, their aims are aligned. Russia became focused on its territorial ambitions and the defeat of NATO, while China created its economic warfare plan, which is called the Belt and Road Initiative.  China’s plan is more diabolical in its cerebral and patient approach to the world or at least hemispheric domination. While Putin’s goals are more clearly focused on the utter destruction of its enemies clearly and completely. Putin and Xi each use their vast resources to create ever more deadly targeted and indiscriminate biologicals and toxins designed to kill tens of millions.

It was not Laboratory One that released COVID-19 on an unsuspecting world but the Biolabs of Wuhan. One does not have to look far to find a detailed listing of all the undeclared, but suspected bioweapons labs in China. Not coincidentally, there is another Chinese PLA lab also located in Wuhan. Until the release of COVID, various Chinese military names and ranks were prominently displayed on the roster at the Wuhan Virology lab. It is a fact, not in dispute, that all the original Covid-19 Doctors and their research have joined the disappeared, never to be heard from again. This is what the guilty do.

It now appears to be the West’s policy to not confront China on the origins of COVID. As a matter of policy, what would our nation, and other Western nations do if it could be proven that a weaponized (Change of Function) COVID was either deliberately or accidentally released upon the world? There is ample evidence that China was either buying up or sharply reducing exports of everything you would need to fight and protect against this killer virus. China has stubbornly fought back against any assertion that China is in any way responsible for COVID-19 well before the Pandemic was well known. There are no if’s, and’s, or buts about it. If you needed any more proof, the introduction of China’s most feared Special Forces unit, the Fifteenth Airbourne Brigade moved in to take charge late in 2019 to seal off access to the lab and provide overall security and political cleanup. Curiously, Chinese PLA soldiers in Wuhan were vaccinated against Covid months before Trump’s miracle in our country. More proof that this was a military weapon by design.

Yusen Zhou was a government bioweapons scientist who filed for a patent for a vaccine against COVID- 19 before the outbreak even happened. We should ask him why he developed the vaccine, but we can’t, he’s dead and all his notes, even his life’s story are now unknown. He is one of the thousands the Chinese have declared to be new Former Persons.

I better stop right here or I as well might become one of the disappeared that happen all too frequently when you displease Xi or Vladimir Putin. There is evil in this world. And, you don’t have to look too far to find it. History has a strange way of repeating itself. Hopefully, we stay engaged and learn we have two twin Devils to fight. The first step is by believing that evil exists and that we are among those they covet. We live our charmed and indolent life all too precariously. We must be more on guard if we are to survive and prosper.

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer

Author, Businessman, Thinker. Read more about Allan, his background and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

A Living Wage?

A Living Wage?

Today, we’ll discuss how the Living Wage movement came to be and what the laws of economics tell us about attempting to conjure out of thin air, ever higher wages decoupled from productivity. We will also talk about how socialism and communism are closely tied to this subject. Let’s begin with a definition of what a Living Wage is:

“A Living Wage is a socially acceptable level of income that is meant to provide adequate coverage for basic necessities such as food, shelter, child services, and healthcare”

Investopedia states that a Living Wage for a family of four was $68,808 as of 2019. That is more than this country’s Average Median Income of $67,521 in 2020. ‘Socially Acceptable?’ Now, that describes my problem. Socially Acceptable to whom?

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Consider this: The idea for a Living Wage began with the Soviet Union. Or, as Marx liked to say: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. The Living Wage movement is Marxist to its core granting a higher wage than justified by his/her productivity, to someone who has a need and then capping wages for those with superior abilities. In a Marxist Utopia, one does not work for gain, you work for the common good. We all know how well that worked out! The US national minimum wage was created by Congress under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in 1938 under the Roosevelt administration. I am not a fan of minimum wages for exactly the reasons we see at present. Politics, rather than economics is overriding the natural market.

Allow me to share with you an economic truth:

People almost always want more “stuff” than they can afford. Seeking a way to get more “stuff” without labor by simply commanding it became the most expedient mechanism to accomplish that. It’s a twofer for liberal government. We make people in the bottom half happier because they won’t have to work harder (or work at all) while the people at the top will see their incomes reduced through government- enforced redistribution. Win, win if you are on the left side. We are now on a grand adventure to a world of economic fantasy. Not only are we back into the business of redistribution of wealth, but we are also considering ever more egalitarian ideas like guaranteed income. Why work when you can get paid to be “creative?” This experiment is currently being tried here and elsewhere. Early results are in. Recipients of a guaranteed monthly income love it! However, they think it should be more generous as they hear there are still billionaires on the loose that have not paid their fair share! At its foundation, Guaranteed Income is the confiscation of other people’s wealth.

Today’s middle class is more comparable to what our lower upper class of 60 years looked like. In 1960, solidly middle-class families lived in 1200 to 1500 square-foot homes with only a single carport or garage at that. No a/c, one TV, one car, and many kept close to home rarely eating out. Most dried their clothes on clotheslines. And, people were generally happier than today. Lifestyle choice translates into what it costs to live. Compare (that too) today, where the minimum standard requires two incomes for families to support that “Socially Acceptable” level of income necessary to acquire all that “stuff.”

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Once again, who’s going to pay to satisfy everyone’s craving for more stuff? The belief of government and the left-of-center think you can command those wages to be paid to meet their definition of a Living Wage and that’s unsustainable.

Are they right? Sure, you can; for a while. Eventually, the immutable laws of economics exert their inherent gravity. Milton Friedman, a Nobel Laureate in Economics understood that capitalism has its own hierarchy of needs much like Maslow’s. Milton wrote, “an entity’s greatest responsibility lies in the satisfaction of the shareholders.” Eventually, this was called the “Friedman Doctrine.” Contrast this statement with how leftists rank a corporation’s responsibilities in the following order of importance:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Community Impact
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Socially Redeeming Products and Services

See something missing? Stockholders. Stockholders are those investors who take risks and then expect rewards for those risks (which are not even mentioned within). Finally, it’s now easy to understand what’s going on. Take your pick, socialist or communist, companies in their minds are only good, true citizens of the world when the profit motive is expunged in favor of “feel good” actions that fail without exception, given enough time. Still not convinced? Let’s come at this another way.

The most common manifestation of a Living Wage today is the starter $15 an hour wage being pushed as our minimum national standard. Let’s examine the issue a little deeper.

First, there is the issue of starting wages. Many of us started out working at McDonald’s or someplace similar. These are starter jobs. We were typically paid minimum wage and never thought we were underpaid, especially so, since many of us were transitioning to the next stage of our lives, i.e., college- bound, technical school, military service, or even going to work for real. That’s how our system is supposed to work, up and out. We’d probably not have a problem if things were still that transitional today, but something happened. Millions of entry-level workers are stuck and not moving on. There’s the conundrum. What happened?

The primary factor that changed is the now static nature of many traditionally entry-level jobs, influenced by the commonality of certain personality and social traits such as:

A. Ambition—we have developed an underclass of drones, i.e., people who only want menial and/or repetitive work. Some are stuck, but many don’t desire to do anything more than make a few bucks without headaches.

B. Education—their technical skills, traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic are abysmal. We rank 113th in the world for literacy at 86%! Oh my God! And, we spend more than any other nation per child on that “education”.

C. Language—every day, there are more and more individuals flooding into our country. Traditionally, they took the bottom jobs until they learned our language and then moved on. Today, many simply never learn to speak English.

D. Government Support and Disincentives to Work—SSI (disability) is up over 30% in the last ten years. There are now over 5 million people receiving Social Security Disability; all under 65. And, SSI is just one of many social safety net programs that exist. In 2013, it was estimated you would have to earn $38,000 in the private sector to equal the benefits available through government support. That number is likely higher today.

People will almost always do what makes economic sense for them. And, without moralizing, people can live comfortably without working too hard. That’s the problem. With no fear of going hungry and with the ability to have basic housing and utilities without much hassle; we’ve created the problem. Enter the liberal do-gooders. Instead of recognizing the problems we enumerate above, they conclude that all we have to do is pay them more money for little or no work. Why? Because a good life is an entitlement, not a privilege as far as they are concerned. One more thing to keep in mind about all those “Alinskyites” seeking to overwhelm our social services. From their perch, overwhelming the social services net in America will see our country fall all the faster! How preposterous that we can provide a middle-class life for entry-level efforts. Read about Alinsky and understand his motives and objectives. Believe what he says, as outlandish as it may sound. There are many highly-placed “Alinskyites” out there, many in government and on the left. As you can see, the concept and promise of a Living Wage is a false promise that has nefarious intent as is the idea of a Living Wage.

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We can tie inflation and our labor participation rate issues to the decoupling of value for value. It remains to be seen how quickly we learn our lesson and return to a truer version of Capitalism than exists at the moment. A “Living Wage” is ultimately anti-capitalist with no foundation to build upon. Without adjusting our course, Capitalism is doomed.

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer Author,

Businessman, Thinker. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow. Subscribe at


Differential Diagnosis

Differential Diagnosis

None of us live long enough to understand long history. Most of us are reactive rather than proactive. Every once in a while, as a direct result of not understanding history, we get our just comeuppance. If we are lucky, maybe we are only embarrassed or suffer a minor reversal for our hubris. Sometimes, we aren’t so lucky and things we love like the ideas, places, and people that are so important to us get injured or worse.

Let’s start with the premise that people and countries hold many of the same attributes in common. Like you and me, countries live and breathe. They have their histories, inclinations, proclivities, and tendencies. Countries aspire to be long-lived, successful and have their own traditions, morals, aspirations, and especially pride. Nations seek their place in the pantheon of the most admired or sadly, sometimes the most feared. Our own country is a relative newcomer to the game. We’ve gone so far, so fast. It’s difficult to be a patriot today and also still must be critical of that country you love so very much. But, here I am.

I feel this in my bones. Our nation has a terrible malaise that is slowly sapping its strength, vitality, and vigor. It feels almost like a biblical prophecy coming true. Despite over 10 trillion dollars of stimulus pumped into our country’s veins, you get the feeling that economic recovery is far from assured and that the sands of our hourglass or running through so very fast. Decisions of questionable value have been made that are at the root of our fiscal anxiety. Like the ancient Hades ferryman Charon, we may yet have to pay him yet again to get to the other side of the river one day. We are sick and the patient has been told he has cancer. Some of us are so entitled, that we think we can wish that away. If only, it was that easy. The real world has different answers for us!

In medicine, you hear the term Differential Diagnosis used when the best medical minds try to figure out the root cause of an ailment to be able to arrive at the correct treatment protocol. In cancer, frequently the best treatment is the radical approach of surgery. Let’s spend some time today discussing what ails our country and what our prognosis might be as surgery just might be in our future. Our lives continue to hang in the balance and we dare not make yet another mistake as we spend our precious capital that cannot be readily replaced. Capital is a country’s lifeblood. And, we are hemorrhaging that capital so fast, that a tourniquet is required or we will bleed to death before we can even get to a possible cure for our problems. In emergency medicine, triage is always the first concern. America is at that juncture as I write this. The patient does not know how close they are to a very bad outcome.

There are three possibilities facing us today:

1. The President’s course of action is correct and things will get better.
2. The President’s course of action is wrong and we become unstable or worse.
3. The populace loses confidence in our leadership and becomes freighted or angry enough to revolt.

In talking with people, I find a lot of folks are frequently ignorant of current events. While those that do know their history, people who are engaged but still don’t know what can be done to remedy where we are searching for answers. Did you know that Martial Law has been imposed at least 68 times in our country? Consider this Perfect Storm Scenario:

  • Inflation devalues your income and savings enough to where you are seriously impacted in your daily living and future prospects
  • Supply chain issues prevent you from living your normal lifestyle or worse, your family goes hungry or without essential items necessary for normal everyday living
  • Medical supplies are rationed and you can’t get antibiotics, infusion therapies, or other vital medicines including insulin
  • Gasoline and Diesel become so scarce that they become rationed
  • You find access to your bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and even credit cards are restricted

Our country is perilously close to one or more of these or other actions being taken. Think I’m crazy? If I told you pre-pandemic that baby formula would be hard to come by or that you might not be able to afford to put gas in your car; would you have believed me then? Occam’s Razor—the simplest explanation is normally correct. We are in trouble! Our trendline is moving downward. Need more proof? Did you know that more than $7 trillion has been lost in the stock market so far this year? While money is made and money is lost, what’s happening at the moment is something new. When added to so many other negative metrics, the smart money is beginning to think we are not in a normal economy. When you have Jamie Dimon and Elon Musk agreeing on the 2023 financial forecast…we may be in deep trouble!

  • Jamie Dimon says ‘brace yourself’ for an economic hurricane caused by the Fed and Ukraine war’
  • Elon Musk says ‘If history is any guide, not many will make it past the next recession’

Not comforting at all, I’d think you agree. There is an additional dynamic that injects the issue of uncertainty. People are simply tired of bad news. History teaches us that they will shoot the messenger that continually brings them that bad news. Arguably, there is no good news the administration can trumpet. When you cannot feed your baby, you realize that your children are going to school not to be educated, but indoctrinated, you can’t afford the gas to take the children to Disney World (forget that it is nearly ground zero for Wokeness) and government officials gleefully tell you that you don’t need your guns. All this is happening with the backdrop of stores all over our country being ransacked and at the same time shortages of everything are becoming everyday occurrences! In my view, our stability and anxiety are truly threatened.

Remember the 1976 movie Network? Do you recall the line ‘Go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’ That my friends are where millions of us are today. The $64,000 question is what does “I’m not gonna take this anymore” mean? Is there something coming that we can’t see fully but gets many of us in motion like some frozen glacier that all of a sudden breaks free and starts moving? This is the danger.

This is where a Differential Diagnosis would be nice to have. We observe that the patient is both depressed and sometimes manic. The patient possesses Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt…FUD. At times, the patient is passive and unreactive. At other times, the patient is highly agitated and potentially dangerous. Based on observation, you believe the patient is at a breaking point and yet refuses to take his meds. The patient is non-compliant. What to do?

Bad things happen to non-compliant individuals under the care of a doctor. Why? The doctor wants to ensure the health and safety of both the patient and the people around the patient and seeks to establish a baseline of effective control. The patient is next diagnosed as anti-social. What does anti- social mean? One police department states “Antisocial behavior is defined as ‘behavior by a person which causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to persons not of the same household as the person.” That fits a large swath of us nervous nellies today. I know I distress a significant number of people I come in contact with! Thinking people should be highly agitated with the state of our country.

In Russia and China today, antisocial behavior will deliver you to the nearest mental asylum or prison. And, we are not exempt from extreme examples of how we treat our political prisoners either. Did you know that some non-violent prisoners from January 6th , have been held in solitary confinement while awaiting trial? Are we that far from how Russia and China in how we treat those that disagree with their governments? It’s only a question of perspective; isn’t it?

We are at a precipice at the moment. Civil disobedience is growing. The government splashes the title “White Supremacist on a wide swath of people today who are gob smacked at the assertion. And, the government considers many groups of white people a threat to society. Groups like:

  • Parents
  • Gun Owners and the NRA
  • Conservatives
  • Small Business Owners
  • Those who just happen to have a problem with the growth of government and its policies

The FBI, under the direction of the Justice Department, is surveilling these groups more and more. Democrats in Congress are demanding even more action. What are they afraid of? Isn’t it obvious? Our government is afraid of us and is using the rube of National Security to watch far too many of us. Citizens that want nothing more than to be left alone and live their lives as free citizens are frequently their target. The over-labeling of too many of us as white nationalists or white supremacists must stop. We are in the middle of what I believe is the criminalizing of thought. No one should be the government’s target simply because we actively resist popular narratives that we firmly believe are a direct threat to classic America’s existence.

Where will it end? That’s the question the Doctor is asking as he examines the patient. It is also something the government thinks about a lot! And, we must always remember that all governments exist to preserve their own power and influence.

God Bless America and especially Ukraine at this time of genocide and war that sees no end in sight.

Allan J. Feifer


American Pie

Talking Heads, Sound Bites, and American Pie

Today we start with a classic riddle. What came first: the chicken or the egg? The answer? It depends! Today’s instant question is: How can America thrive in a world of contradictions? And, what will it take to create the conditions necessary to see us thrive once again?

We will largely stay away from politics and concentrate on the simple truths of living. Whether you live in the far artic as Inuit Indian tribes do, or are a Wyoming rancher, or a city dweller in New York City, we survive through the application of three basic institutional processes:

1. Institutional knowledge: Every organization develops over time a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Successful organizations recognize this and undertake a process for recording what works while avoiding what failed in the past.

2. Adherence to the societal rules of your organization: Let’s be realistic. You can’t be running around like a chicken with its head cut off and be successful. Your team must not work against each other or what is known to work. Organizations must reinforce successful actions and, avoid past mistakes while still encouraging innovation.

3. Support from the ground up for the organization’s leadership: There are few successful organizations that are constantly conducting internal warfare. All hierarchical organizations depend on great top-down leadership to set tone and goals that then allows for a successful buy-in by the rest of the organization. Throw away any false ideas you may harbor that everyone can do whatever they want and the organization will still achieve success.

Without these three prerequisites in play, chaos reigns. Assuming your organization (family, village, city, state, country, company) has successfully implemented these three essential tenants, you have a functioning entity that is in balance. Today, I want to talk about how organizations get off balance, specifically our country. I am reminded of my physics class in High School all so many years ago. Newton’s First Law of Motion states:

“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

The United States, right after the Second World War, was the undisputed and sole superpower in the world. We had the moral authority, the industrial might, the military power, diplomatic influence, the inventiveness, and were an economic dynamo that seemingly was unstoppable. And, then gradually, starting in the early 1970s, much like the famous song American Pie, the music gradually stopped playing throughout our great land, landing us where we are today.  I’m 65 years old. This is not the country I grew up in and that’s not a good thing. Nothing was impossible for my generation and preceding generations. We sent men to the moon more than 50 years ago. We built the Interstate Highway System, we created computers, the Internet, and the cell phone among thousands of innovations that enriched the entire world. Yes, we have our faults, but families were strong, economic opportunity was everywhere and the entire world saw all boats raised in our wake.

What went wrong? What force changed our direction? How did we lose our way? Why do we seek the destruction of our heritage, our heroes, and our country? Today, we are going to attempt to answer these key questions with the hope that we can see our mojo return before it’s too late and we completely abdicate the mantle of world leadership.

Contenders are waiting in the wings and they are not nearly as beneficent as we have been. China seeks to control its citizens like so many machines, where only the state matters. You can witness it in real- time as tens of millions of Chinese were restricted to their homes due to Covid, sometimes without food. You saw it as the government killing pets when the orders came to vacate homes by the thousands. The truly evil Chinese Social Credit System rules your life and limits your potential. You see it in the bullets to the back of the head for those that raise their voice against the oppressors. Taiwan sees China’s political ambitions, as almost all South China Sea nations also see this developing evil and are starting to band together against an ascendant China that seeks to replace the United States as the world’s leader, but not in such a benevolent manner. We dare not see that happen.

So, what exactly has so undercut our country to the point we are at today? Journalism today creates no more Huntley-Brinkley’s, no more Walter Cronkite’s, Edward R. Murrow, and others who told you the truth, even when it hurt. They were Patriotic individuals with no agenda, no slant, no desire to be thought leaders or something other than what they were supposed to be, i.e., to…deliver the news that was relevant and important to understand. We’ve lost that and, in the process, we’ve lost the trust of millions and millions of thinking individuals who are no longer able to make rational decisions based on nothing but the truth. The truth of conflicting “facts” that are anything but and, unreported but important stories has created a knowledge vacuum in our country that is an immense factor in where we are today. Talking Heads exist on all sides and deliver Sound Bite Journalism to a population that is both inpatient and untrusting (or believe everything they hear) of what they are told or read.

Negativism has become a firestorm in our country and is a cancer that is at the root of many of the problems we live with today. If we can’t trust the information we are given, not only do we birth even more mistrust, but we also create the lunatic fringes that make up their own truth in the absence of generally accepted truth. We did this to ourselves. Therefore, it is incumbent on us to fix the problems we created.

I have no idea how we can quickly return our country to a well-informed, patriotic, family-oriented, God- fearing, hard-working society. Millions and millions missed out on belonging to a traditional family unit and a society that understood what was required of them, understood implicitly how they fit in, and, trusted and even lionized their leaders. We live in an anti-truth environment that has turned how we think about ourselves on our heads. Are we ripe for a revolution? Maybe so. Like a storm that continues unabated until balance is restored, we need a great national leader to help us restore balance, direction, and trust in our country. We need this leader to guide us peacefully back on course and to forestall the possibility of a new Civil War that is closer than many of us might believe.

Just a few days ago I was bowled over by Matthew McConaughey’s speech delivered at the White House. If you haven’t heard it, you owe it to yourself to listen closely to see how a great communicator delivers sage advice and positive and reasonable reconciliation ideas on a tough subject. I don’t have to agree with everything someone says when I listen to a person who speaks authentic truth. I wish we had more communicators like him.

I wish I knew who that next leader, that healer might be. I maintain hope that regardless of the dearth of leadership today, it will happen, soon or later. We can’t lose the greatest country on earth, the greatest force for good on our planet and that bright beacon of hope so much of the world has depended on without going down fighting. For the time being, stay engaged and do what you can to live a good, uplifted life!

A famous line from Gone with the Wind delivered by Scarlett O’Hara was, “Tomorrow is Another Day.” Friends, every new day presents us with possibilities. I see small embers that only need us to fan them into the kind of fire we all need to warm and nurture our society. I believe that we are building a critical mass of heretofore unknown leaders that will lead us back to the Promised Land that so many of us ache to return to. Let’s be ready when that next great leader reveals an uplifting and doable message, a future we so desperately seek!

God Bless America and especially Ukraine at this time of genocide and war that sees no end in sight.

Allan J. Feifer


There be Monsters

There be Monsters

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Uvalde Texas and Robb Elementary School. Two more names were added to an ever-longer list of schools and places where senseless mass shootings of our children occurred. Add the four below and together you have the five worst mass shootings of children in the past 20 years:

  • Sandy Hook in Newton, Connecticut
  • Margery Stoneman in Parkland, Florida
  • Santa Fe High school in Santa Fe, Texas
  • West Nickel Mine School in Bart Township, Pennsylvania

I adhere to a policy of not mentioning the names of the animals that massacre children. The new left espouses that these children were victims of an immoral America. The crazies come out immediately after every tragedy to gain political advantage. I want to punch people like that in the nose who are spring-loaded to spout that kind of vitriol and misdirection on command for political benefit. These children were innocents, how dare anyone make political hay off their cold dead bodies. There is no logic, there is no God’s plan, and there is seemingly nothing that can change the pure unadulterated evil in the hearts of these killers. No, they are not men. Men do not do these unspeakable acts. They are Monsters and it’s high time the Monsters fear us, rather than we fear them.

We created these Monsters with concepts like toxic male masculinity and the death of community, family, and the lack of a strict moral code. These boys and their victims are casualties of a raging social war being played out each day in our country. The underlying societal problems will not be fixed anytime soon.

We are a country that wants quick fixes without pain. Mass rhetoric like “take guns away” are great sound bites, but will never happen and would not fix the problems we have if we tried. The fix needed here is going to hurt and we must have the fortitude to do what’s required. Even with the best of intentions and actions, you will never eliminate all the Monsters. But we can find and remove many of them. It will take will. It will take effort and it must include a non-political judgment by both sides that this is different, and that we must come together to keep our schools safer. It can’t be about politics, gotcha’s, and told you so’s. All problems are solvable. It takes will, a crisis that most people agree needs to be addressed, and a staunch belief that acceptable solutions can be found.

Let’s get past the most significant problem at bar: This is not about guns. It’s specifically a question of who should not have access to guns. We are a country with guns very much at our cultural center. Yes, white people have traditionally been the gun owners, but more and more, guns protect all people regardless of race. Protection that is needed in a society that has forgotten the importance of both individual and property rights. A country that cannot depend on the police to protect them when it matters the most. Guns are widely held by most of us and that is a fact that no free country will be able to change by government edict. That’s how revolutions commence!

Beyond the issue of gun ownership alone, are the detractors that think the look, as much as the function of a firearm is somehow important to the debate. Whether you are shot with a 9mm handgun round to the head or a .223 AR-15 round to the body, you are going to be just as dead or injured. So-called Assault Weapons are not some kind of all-powerful weapon that is more lethal than other firearms. That’s just the hype the detractors want those that possess little or no knowledge of firearms want you to believe.

Monsters can be barred from legal ownership of guns but will find either guns or other weapons elsewhere. With that in mind, let’s go all-in on identifying these people before they do harm and isolate them from society. It is easier to do than you might suspect. Let’s examine the facts.

Of the five Monsters who perpetrated the killings mentioned above, 4 out of 5 were under 21 and of course, all-male. They were also white. Finally, each of the five had previously been identified either by one or more of their parents, school officials, law enforcement, mental health professionals, friends, social media, or even by the individual himself seeking help for their issues. Every one of them made a pre-violence outcry for help through some observable means, even if they did not understand it themselves. Let’s stop right here and discuss the ramifications of individuals with a suspected propensity for violence and how we ignore it. Why are we not all over that? Here’s why:

In 1967 Reagan signs the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act and ends the practice of institutionalizing patients against their will. This was a triumph for people that believed that mental illness was exactly like any other illness such as a fever, cold, or even heart disease. But it was ultimately devastating to tens of millions of people euphemistically slated to become mainstreamed going forward. These individuals make up the bulk of homeless in the US today and an astronomically high number of those that commit petty crimes and thefts and even more heartbreaking; are addicted to drugs. A huge segment of this population is largely hopeless and not likely to find a better path forward as we walk past them like so many zombies each day. Tragic.

The foregoing has had a profound effect on how we treat dangerous and even potentially murderous individuals. We have imbued them with artificial rights that effectively serve to dimmish the rights of others not to be victimized by the squeegee man or through aggressive panhandling on the street. Entire streets and communities are all too similar to third-world barrios with defecation everywhere, needles, trash, and filth. We do little to nothing to fix this obvious problem because we have given a superior right to the mentally diminished to live off the greater world through charity, government support, and worse, too often abandoned to their fate amid the squalor of American cities and more and more often; clean American subdivision streets. You can point to the “success” of mainstreaming only if you are a heartless individual that simply can’t see the squalor, sickness, crime, hopelessness, and worse that is part and parcel of our way of looking at these troubled but legally empowered individuals. They produce nothing as nothing is expected for society’s largess, consuming resources instead of real attempts to redeem these troubled souls. It amounts to a game played by do-gooders. And, I am not shy about calling out what should be easily seen as a national tragedy and should be seen as such, as we move on to the problem of how to deal with our Monsters. Our breeding ground for our Monsters is the privacy protections and other “rights” we give dangerous individuals.

The US supports hundreds of thousands of people engaged in servicing these people through charity, government services, NGOs, sanitation services, medical services, jails, legal aid societies, and the various other services and people required to keep dysfunctional individuals alive. “They have rights”, I can hear you say. But, what of the rights of their victims? When did the rights of those who break our laws or who choose not to be functioning members of society somehow become superior to those everyday citizens? You see it everywhere, that should no longer be in dispute. Can you see how our cities have devolved to where we are today? The absence of a functioning moral compass is an important hurdle we need to come to grips with if we are going to change things.

The issue of how we deal with mental illness is a question that must be grappled with before we can fix our problem with our Monsters. The actual process of identifying our Monsters is relatively easy. As stated earlier, we can identify those most likely to cause the kinds of actions we are trying to interdict. Profiling is an essential tool that is highly effective regardless of what libs would have you believe. The behaviors, affect, and social media presence, among several other indicators, could fairly easily help us to identify the relatively small number of potential Monsters.

We must profile those males under 21 and prioritize them for further evaluation, observation, and even removal depending on the severity of what is uncovered. We must include an appeal process and other protections, but the result must be that we are on top of who those people likely to create tomorrow’s headline and adopt an effective method of keeping them away from children, teachers, school personnel, and others. And, oh by the way, properly medicated and counseled, we might be able to eventually reintroduce healthy citizens back into society. That should be the goal and that’s an admirable one.

It is not only doable but essential that our country begin to deal with things as they are, rather than what we desire them to be. Wokeism permeates the entire social services arena. What is obvious to you and me is couched by them in some mumbo-jumbo language that deflects from the reality of a situation. Participants in the pantheon of the mental health industry may well vigorously attempt to prevent any actions they believe will stigmatize those selected for review who is ultimately considered to be a threat. It’s a question of what you value more; safety for the vast majority or protection of some theoretical rights of someone hell-bent on killing a child, or their teachers.

There is no other way to get a handle on a problem that threatens how we as a country will exist going forward. I am repulsed by solutions that attempt to deal with problems by punishing or restricting the rights of the 99.99% of us that are not potential suicidal or maniacal, instead of focusing on the Monsters in our midst that fantasize about how they will go out in a blaze of glorified evil. Our nation’s fear of calling out evil for what it is has become our new normal as we repudiate concepts of morality and religion. A nation that acts as if all our differences, no matter how deviant, are to be celebrated has gone off the rails and lost touch of reality and truth. Many things in life are demonstrably destructive to a healthy society’s goals and aspirations. Too many of our young live destructive lives that no one should accept or encourage as just another admirable facet of diversity. Yet, here we are. The quirkier, the better it seems. Oddballs are encouraged while conformity is somehow thought of as a leftover remnant of white privilege. Something to be ostracized, something to get away from as we continue to overhaul the most successful society in history. Who will stop the madness? It must be you and I. No one else will step up and stand in the breach of a society locked into a death spiral.

Evil is evil. Step one is for all of us; especially those in power to wake up and demand that we screen the crazies that would do us and society as a whole, harm. I fear that common sense has become passe in this country in favor of a 1984-style society mindset rapidly seeing the best of us going down the tubes cheered on by loser fanatics and their supporters. Today, all they want from the old guard is our successes; our assets, our property, and even our lives. Nothing that threatens their march to the sea that has as its objective, redistribution of wealth and an end to our Judeo-Christian traditions. This is what is at stake. A worthy discussion we must have before it is too late.

God Bless America and especially Ukraine at this time of genocide and war that sees no end in sight.

Allan J. Feifer


Violation of Trust

Violation of Trust—Where America Finds Itself Today

Hello Fellow Patriots:

It occurred to me (probably you as well) that there is more turmoil in our country today than ever before; at least as far as our lifetime is concerned. If it were just a question of the sheer quantity of issues facing our country, that might be something we could fix over time, knocking off one issue after another. But there is something else going on that is far more pernicious and for which we don’t seem to have an answer; what to do to correct the ever-steeper downward trajectory that is shaking our country to its core.

The issue at play now is that the majority of Americans have lost trust in the ability of our leaders to govern and even more insidious, whether we can depend on those leaders to tell us the truth. I fear we are simply being handled or manipulated like so much cattle. Here are a few examples that are emblematic of the breadth and depth of the issues of trust we face today:

  • The Supreme Court Leaker: let’s not deal with the leak itself, just the fact that the sanctity of the court was broken. No one seems to have any interest in prioritizing this profound breach of trust and the likely negative effect it will have on future deliberations and decisions. Why has this traitor not been outed? I say traitor because the individual wants to effectively substitute his/her opinion over that of a constitutionally constituted Supreme Court. Think about that for a moment. Doesn’t this rise to the level of Treason in its damage to our systems of trust? My understanding is that the list of suspects is only about 40 individuals long. More than four weeks in and the usurper has not been identified. That person must be found and outed. The Supreme Court cannot stand if we, as a country lose faith in the constitutionally mandated deliberative process, which is foundational to the proper and effective functioning of our country. That’s really what’s on the line, friends.
  • Baby Formula: The closing of the Abbott facility was completely botched. Everyone and I mean everyone in the government immediately recognized that 40% of the formula produced in the US came from a single plant and what the effects on the baby formula supply chain would be. I might be able to forgive the failure of forethought in not diversifying our supply years ago. But what I can’t forgive is the complete breakdown of responsibility by our FDA and the President (through his staff) for not having raised the alarm as week by week, the problems grew worse four months before the plant’s actual closing. Now, we are three months post closure. That’s a total of seven wasted months. Made worse by the fact that there was a heads-up that this might happen back in September of 2021. It would have been reasonable and appropriate to commence planning for a shortage of baby formula right then. Prioritizing the reopening of this critical plant simply wasn’t a high priority to government functionaries until the blowback happened and that was entirely predictable on day one. Hungry babies in America are a new low for our country. And it comes on the heels of one crisis after another, all of which share the same traits and commonality and are indicative of the same breakdown of leadership, analysis, and trust.
  • The War in Ukraine: Intelligence experts claim they warned the administration that Russia was going to attack in April of 2021. We rewarded every minor withdrawal, promises of a withdrawal, or supposed diminishment of tensions in the runup to the actual invasion with a Presidential pat on Putin’s back for being a good world citizen. Russian strategy was effective in keeping the US and its allies sleeping for far too long. Instead of sending lethal weapons in quantity early, we sent mostly non-lethal aid to Ukraine before the war’s commencement. We were fearful to place sanctions on Russia that could very well have signaled the US’s resolve and that might have headed off the utter destruction, death, and injuries that followed. Policies of appeasement were on full display for all the world to see and the inevitable result was an emboldened Russia. We continually validated Russia’s prewar assumptions. Even after Ukraine was brutally attacked in a massive Combined Arms Invasion, we sent mixed messages to the Russians who believed we lacked the resolve to do what it takes to deter the bear. This kind of ambiguity is how World Wars start. This highlighted a massive breach in the trust we place in our leaders to prevent exactly the kind of genocide now on display and in how the entire world perceives the lack of effectiveness of our President. Developing as we speak is the issue of world famine. Russia is effectively blockading wheat and other agribusiness items from reaching the mostly poor and developing nations that depend on the Ukrainian breadbasket. Wait till people start starving for our next kneejerk reaction. Watch the hand wringing and moralistic statements. This should have been factored in before the war started. Talking heads are just beginning to react to this slow-moving Tsunami that threatens to see thousands slowly die of starvation. This again is partially on us for continued failures of leadership.
  • The sky-high cost of energy: Why do we have a shortage of energy and why aren’t we being told the truth? The salient question every American should ask is are we being deceived by the President? Old “circle back” Psaki was asked endlessly why we are producing less energy, even today? Pre-Pandemic, under Trump, the US was producing a record 13 million barrels of oil per day and we even had a surplus to export. Production fell by 3 million BPD due to slackened demand during the Pandemic amid new Presidential policies. Production is now back up to 11.6 BPD but is having difficulty accelerating. Why? There has been plenty of warning time. To this very day, there is no plan in place to supply additional energy quickly. What happens after the million barrel a day drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve stops after 6 months that the President ordered a couple of months ago? I would assume they’ll blame the greedy oil companies once again. Failures of leadership are once again on display!  Could the underlying reason be the simple truth that Biden articulated in 2019 “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.”Is he just keeping his promise and lying to us all? My take is simple; he desires high prices and cares not about the damage to American families and our position in the world, all to support his Green New Deal initiatives. Biden is all-in on electric vehicles and solar power in general. In a classic carrot and stick approach, Biden simply is turning that axiom upside-down. He’s punishing our population first and promising them better days ahead. His promises ring hollow.  It may be hard for you to understand but producing oil is capital intensive. Oil company executives are ready, willing, and able to dramatically up oil production, but there is a problem. Biden may allow companies to explore for and produce new oil and undertake the required investment today. But oil companies are scared to death that after the political crisis abates, the President will kick the supports out from under the industry and leave oil companies holding the bag. That’s exactly what happened when he took office. What is it people say…” fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?” So far, the petroleum industry is not taking the bait. We’ll have a lot more to say about this in a future article.

There are so many basic issues that are just as important as the above and yes, just as disheartening and demoralizing; immigration, woke policies, education, Covid response, and even the massive issue of race-based policies setting races against each other. We could go on seemingly endlessly. Is it no wonder we don’t trust our government, its leaders, policies, and even its well-intended intentions any longer?

Fundamentally, my examination of President Biden is that he either believes in what he says or is being manipulated by his puppet masters. Historically, Biden was not known for his intelligence. It’s a fact that you can readily research to verify for yourself in many articles. Biden is a verified plagiarizer who finished college near the bottom of his class. That Biden is a documented prevaricator is easy to discover in many documents. That’s a problem for the leader of the free world and also a point that can and is being exploited by our enemies. The leader of our country must necessarily be above reproach. He represents the best of us. He cannot be either mediocre or of questionable character and integrity. How have we lost that understanding? Why are the people running for President so imperfect that we have to frequently hold our noses as we pull the lever in polling booths?

Any discussion of the deep loss of trust between America’s population and its leaders must inevitably touch upon the many statements about Biden’s purported corruption in office. In over 40 years in the Senate and now as our President, Biden has deflected, denied, laughed at, and otherwise, run away from the many allegations of wrongdoing of the purported Biden Crime Family. One of my best friends, The Queen who thankfully edits my diatribes, will frequently call “foul” on some of my sources. And, that’s the point. There are dozens of claims, allegations, and more that point to a substantial ongoing conspiracy that permeates the Biden family. But, like Hillary, the Justice Department, FBI, and other investigators and other sworn individuals perpetually give the likes of Biden a pass. Hillary was just called out for what could easily be called a criminal conspiracy by her former Campaign Manager Robby Mook. I am still waiting to hear that the FBI is not only investigating, but actually charging those that manipulated Presidential elections with false narratives they conspired to create and spread widely. God, we need to clean house. But who’s going to do it?

We have arrived at a point that I believe was intended by Biden and his acolytes, that is, an ability to traipse around substantive issues with impunity. Impunity is conferred by a legal system that is no longer even-handed and a media that simply do not report stories they don’t agree with politically. The utter disregard for breaking those sacred bonds of trust closely held between ordinary Americans and their leadership, a required sense of fealty to the principles and practices of a nation that has stood for good, stood for a better tomorrow, and been that beacon of hope to the entire world is now in doubt. That is a tragedy. And, it is entirely self-inflicted but still not challenged by rank-and-file Americans that are either disinterested or worse, have given up trying to make sense of what’s going on.

A dumbed-down electorate has effectively collapsed or just given up hope for leadership we can all trust; falling for the kind of tripe that our enemies will see and take advantage of.

May God somehow help us to undo the harm that the destroyers have wrought upon this nation before it is too late.

God Bless America and especially Ukraine at this time of genocide and war that sees no end in sight.

Allan J. Feifer