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The Fourth World

The Fourth World

In modern history, First World nations are described as mostly democratic/capitalist countries that are politically aligned with NATO and the United States. Second World nations refer to Communist countries politically aligned with the now-defunct Soviet Union, now Russia. Lastly, Third World nations are other countries that failed to choose a political side.

Now, we see the birth of the Fourth World, a morphing of the First, Second, and Third-world countries into a new worldwide alignment. It is centered around Populist theories like Climate Change, Marxism, and a mishmash of pop culture. All of these lead us to a new kind of Secular Humanism implementing a theory of basic minimum existence for all, and an end to its arch-enemy…Individualism.

Let’s explore the well warn path of one country’s birth to maturity cycle as illustrative of what the future may hold for us:

Life evolves. People, places, and the weather change as do entire countries. Great Queens pass on. Great Britain is an excellent example of the rise and fall of one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. A thousand years ago, England was largely agrarian and London was barely a square mile in size. The entire country was home to just over a million. From those meager beginnings, England became the dominant empire for hundreds of years with the slogan “The Sun never sets on the British Empire.” At its peak, in the early 20th century Great Britain controlled about 25% of the world’s surface. What then changed that?

Three things contributed to the downfall of the British Empire:

1. Inevitably, running any vast endeavor is fraught with challenges. Eventually, these challenges overcame the political will to keep the Empire together.

2. London’s ability to effectively manage its Empire made it less profitable and particularly after the First World War, Great Britain was no longer able to muster the resources that a Great Power needed to hold its colonies together.

3. The Colonies matured. Like maturing children, many colonies were happy to take what they learned from their British Parents and make their own way forward. Some did so successfully, others not.

Are we here in the US following Great Britain’s path? The US never really had a colonial past, compared to the various European powers which had extensive holdings and who sucked the resources and treasure from their colonies.

The US stepped into the Empire’s void left by Great Britain and offered a new way forward. Our heyday likely peaked in the 1980s with President Ronald Reagan’s famous line, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” speech in 1987. The Soviet Union collapsed four short years later in 1991. Arguably, this marked the day, our country lost its reason for being engaged throughout the world to the degree we once were.

Great Britain and the US share a similar experience when we were challenged to reinvent ourselves. Our country’s potential breakdown is about forty years behind that of Great Britain.

Britain did not meet the existential call to reinvent itself but instead morphed into a strong European player without a major central world role left for itself. Now we see the US following the same path of retreat.

China now sees itself as the heir apparent to world leadership, and we ignore her at our peril. China is not a “free” nation but shares many of the same aspirations and designs as Germany did with the rise of the Third Reich. Those parallels are similar in several key ways:

1. China believes itself to be “superior” to other nations of the world. Its Belt and Road Initiative is premised on a philosophy of co-opting weaker nations and exploiting them, much as did the Germans, except so far, China has found a way to conquer those assets through nonmilitary ways.

2. Germany had several inherent challenges. First, its population of 80 million was insufficient to conquer and then control the rest of Europe. China has the population needed but lacks many resources and technology necessary to pursue military conquest.

3. Germany was strategically disadvantaged by its geography. China is, as well. Not having good relations with all of its neighbors creates a tactical problem. China fears threats to its maritime trade routes within its sphere of influence. Hence, its continual push in the South China Sea to keep its enemies further away and constant bellicose threats to neutralize nations that could interfere with strategic and tactical objectives. For example, Taiwan is more than just a political issue. It is the world’s largest aircraft carrier in the event of a China war.

The West is weakening itself both politically and militarily due to its current focus on reengineering our social structure. Perhaps a temporary reprieve is visible as Europe and the US fight Russia in a kinetic war the likes of which have not been seen since WWII. Such battles remind us of what is at stake. Broadly revealed by events in Ukraine is the ridiculousness of the now popular “words are violence” as compared to real violence, death, and destruction in Ukraine. If true at all, it is only so in La-La land.

Europe and America are experiencing the cold-water treatment that only reality can bring to a philosophical fight. As has been said…” Nothing focuses the mind more intensely than the imminent prospect of death.”

So, what does a manifested Fourth World look like? It likely will look like “Perfected Equity”. Read this definition by ODI an independent, global think tank says about “Perfected Equity”:

“The intrinsic argument in favor of equity states that equity or fairness is important in and of itself. The idea of equity comes from theories of distributive justice or social justice. This looks at what things people get, and why they get them. This matters for policy because citizens can hold the state responsible for ensuring that all citizens are treated as equals and for influencing how things are distributed.

Genuine equity would mean that everyone would have equal life chances, and they would be rewarded based on merit. Your gender, where you are born or the color of your skin would not affect your quality of life or your access to opportunities. Goods and resources would be allocated according to need, rather than power.”

So here, laid bare, is the goal behind the Equity strategy. Eliminate competition for resources, including Capitalism, Individualism, and heck, even the idea of Patriotism in favor of the elimination of individual countries and borders. Freedom must be sacrificed when it conflicts with their new God “Equity.”

In reading dozens of source documents, you can see and understand that these people’s view of the world is that it should be smaller, equitable, and flat; with the richest and poorest being eliminated in yet another attempt at a form of New Communism. But, of course, this time, they think it will work.

Their motto? “Peace on Earth and goodwill towards “cisgender”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, isn’t it obvious how far we have fallen for this mind trap? Perhaps billions of people buy into the rhetoric of this new form of “Equity” Marxism, only the latest in a series of shiny objects too many of us seem to be so enamored of.

Spread the word fellow Patriots.

God bless America, its values, traditions, and especially the Ukrainian people who endure the unendurable at this moment.

Allan J. Feifer

God Bless America!

Throwing Republicans to the Lions

Throwing Republicans to the Lions

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Biden is frequently inarticulate and famous for often going off the rails, leaving you wondering as to his possible senility. Is it just a clever tactic for the supposedly addled President or a carefully thought-out plan? Biden clearly is not as brilliant and totally clear-headed as some Democrats proclaim. And, he is not jacked up on mind-altering drugs all the time as some Republicans claim. Like all things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Recently, we heard Biden start using the then-new term “MAGA Republicans” with little definition. That messaging has been sharpened quite a bit with the message: “…that MAGA Republicans allied to former President Donald Trump fit the “definition of fascism” and play a part in “attacking our democracy.” This tells me that this is not Biden making another gaff, but a midterm elections line of attack.

Even the Dems can’t completely gloss over the 74 million votes Trump received; a record, except for the official total of 81 million votes Biden garnered. I’m not a fan of polls, there are too many variables in how questions are posed and the real ringer…Republicans are less likely to participate in polling in general. Consequently, Democrats are consistently over-sampled by several percentage points vs. Republicans. Read the hyperlinked article to understand why. The upshot of published polling is that it frequently has the effect of reducing the turnout of some groups while increasing that of others.

This is by design with Democrats the masters of this technique, hands down. Here’s a good example of how voter enthusiasm is manipulated. Just over one month ago the Democrats were running for the hills, or so it was reported. With Biden’s numbers in the toilet, Democratic Strategists knew they had to change the messaging. Biden’s legislative teams have had a string of recent wins. But largely the electorate does not seem to care much about them. Evidence of that is in his Favorability ratings which have moved from 38.5% favorable up to 42.7% favorable. Still, historically low numbers. This is the definition of a bounce. Bounces, typically don’t last. The average loss of seats in the House for an incumbent President in a mid-term election is 37 seats for an unpopular President. Biden is, almost by definition, very unpopular with the majority of likely voters dinging him on almost every important subject. With the media putting out reports that the “wave” election is more likely to be a “puddle”, you are witnessing organized voter suppression in action. “Why to go and vote when your guy is so far back in the polls” is the not-so-subtle messaging.

But, there’s a new element in play today. The messaging of Extreme MAGA Republicans is designed to shame Republicans in the same manner Liz Cheney is doing so against Trump. Cheney has been nothing more than a useful shill for the Democrats. Her hatred for Trump is real, visceral, and unrelenting and trumps her supposed constitutional fears. Certainly, one would think she would understand that the House Select Committee is just using her as a hatchet woman against other frightened elected Republicans and nervous Republican voters who still believe, flaws and all, that Trump delivered more accomplishments than any other Republican President in the last hundred years. Let’s see how many Democrats back her in her next political pursuit! In the final analysis, her hatred for Trump is greater than her loyalty to her Republican conservative principles. Cheney never acknowledges the obvious imperfections of politics in an age of instant communication and focus group message testing.

The DNC realizes that they can’t let the Trump issue/factor go away or they will lose. He has to be “the” issue that every persuadable voter is hammered with over and over again. Listen to CNN, except for commercial breaks, you have a better than 75% chance of CNN talking heads expounding over something to do either with the J6 Witch Hunt or something else Trumpian. Our new Roman Games are held in a Democratic Coliseum with Trump thrown to the lions on an endless loop. A spectacle Emperor Biden must deliver to his people to divert them from focusing on, God forgive me, his record!

Think for a moment about what MAGA stands for if you’ve forgotten. Make America Great Again. Who could be against such a message, as tens of millions of Americans believe instinctively that yes, they’d like to see their country return to the way it used to be? We are unabashedly for a return to when we were at our best, even as we acknowledge the terrible mistakes that sometimes accompanied our best of times. Yes, we want to return to those days, no, we don’t intend to put people back into chains. Those genies are out of the bottle and good riddance. Democrats know that what MAGA stands for is a call to action understood by millions of activated Republicans. By parsing MAGA by adding other taglines like Dark MAGA, Ultra Maga, or MAGA Fascists, they seek to not just demonize Republicans, but employ a military-like tactic of preparing the ground ahead of the next attack in a form of psychological warfare. And, it works folks! Voter apathy ebbs and flows according to both the severity and frequency of such messaging. Democrats are spending vast amounts of money essentially running against a non-candidate for the moment. They have calculated that the worst thing that could ever happen to them would be for Emperor Biden to stand naked on his record in the cold light of day without anything to hide his utter nakedness.

Do you have to ask yourself how all this plays out? Keep in mind that Republican ideals and principles tend to be reliably conservative, almost by definition. This makes them, in the absence of some kind of major blunder…predictable. Democrats, on the other hand, are almost always in flux. Democrats live in a frat house of widely diverging underlying views. This is papered over by an almost Stalinist approach to how their people are kept in line. Only the most far-left elements of the Democrats, the so-called Squad, and their supporters toe a different line and get away with it. It’s how liberals see their children. We love our cute little socialists or precocious niellists. It’s a kind of pressure relief valve for the many leftist supporters of the party not actually in power, but see today, right now is the left’s best chance to completely overthrow democratic institutions in favor of whatever they conceive of as to what’s next. Watch those Squad members ‘go’ as their proud parents light up in awe!

But those leftists carry a terrible secret. For the Democrats, their far left is also their Kryptonite. They scare the bejesus out of not just Republicans but millions of Democrats as well. The Dems just don’t say it out loud, thinking the child they keep in the closet is a secret when it’s not. At any time, the Democrats will face their next existential crisis which will force them to try and reform it in time to limit their midterm losses. History bets against them getting such a pass.

God bless America, its values, traditions, and especially the Ukrainian people who endure the unendurable at this moment. Oh! And, my salute to Queen Elizabeth’s passing. Quite a lady!

Allan J. Feifer

The Good Guys

The Good Guys

Hello Fellow Patriots:

One of the joys of wide distribution of my musings is the people I get to meet. The other day, two of my readers, while in general agreement with my writings, pointed out, and I’ll paraphrase, “there’s no going back to the good old days”. Where does that leave us? I wrote back that I have a different vision, a different take on what is inevitable and what’s not. I’ll start with a little personal story of what the Good Guys sometimes looked like in the past and then move on to a few answers. I hope you find this not just interesting reading, but both inspiring and useful as a roadmap.

Early in my life, I rubbed shoulders and sometimes worked with people associated with freedom movements in Latin America and beyond. Names like Air America, White Hand, Southern Air Transport, Alpha 66, and the Contras among a smorgasbord of sometimes aligned and at other times non-aligned organizations all fighting for freedom in their respective countries. Once you start living outside the bubble of the media elites telling you what to think and believe, you find out there are different truths than reported. Back in 1979, a powerful earthquake hit Managua, Nicaragua while I was there. When I got stateside, I watched an NBC story that featured a school that was badly damaged. The on-air personality said this was the scene of a deadly shootout between government forces and communist guerrillas. Except, I knew that the school had been damaged in the earthquake and not by a government assault. I reached out to NBC in New York and was astonished at their lack of interest. And so, I learned that the national media cannot be trusted.

Why is this important? The world is moved by the actions of the few, not the many. 6% of all the colonists at most fought for our future freedom in the American Revolution out of just under 3 million people living here at that time. Small numbers of people can and do make a profound impact on the rest of us. Thinking people understand that the unresolved and divisive political issues at play are a threat to our future.

There are actions and events contemplated by the ruling Democrats that threaten us at our most basic level. For example, the doubling of the size of the IRS is a profound political statement. On one hand, it’s a statement that the government needs more of your money, that even with record-high tax receipts, it’s not enough. On the other hand, It’s a statement of control. You may remember last year the Biden proposal to give the IRS routine access to your bank accounts. Public opinion was so universally against this draconian idea that it was quietly dropped. Having been stymied there, Biden and the Democrats created an omnibus spending bill that is much more about control of the populace and staying in power than anything having to do with bringing down inflation.

America is a country built on three fundamental principles:

1. Patriotism
2. Capitalism
3. Freedom

This interlocking triad only works in concert. Take away any part and the other two principles mean nothing. When you view the news through the prism of what’s important and true you see a never-ending deliberate and focused attack on traditional America. All three of these principles are systematically being driven out of our daily lives. Not everywhere, because there is resistance, but bit by bit, America’s enemies, foreign and domestic are continually taking bites out of who we are. Through the process of incrementalism, our country today is very different than a generation ago.

Patriotism is under attack. An NYT daily brief describing the J6 “attack” stated “Jan. 6 was a political action that became a federal crime, and politics infuses these cases. Some defendants have argued that they’re being persecuted for their political beliefs…” And, in a broad sense, they are. Ask yourself this question. If you believed that your government had turned on you, and elections were no longer a viable way to save your way of life; what would you do?

Our government is no longer reliably responsive to its citizens and even more important, the government selectively enforces laws and rules depending on whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. Tens of millions of people believe this. Ignore us at your peril, as Patriots are only now coming to the realization that there may be no other course before them other than to fight the tyrants.

Capitalism. Too many Americans question if Capitalism is past its prime and there is a better way forward. Here’s one popular example of the diatribe being taught in our schools today:

Capitalism is the main power behind most modern societies today. Private owners, i.e., the minority that has the hold over the greater piece of the pie create businesses and decide the means of production and the outlet for the revenues, making the economic decisions for the rest of the people (those that do the labor work).”

The problem with the above statement is its gross over-simplification. The obvious counter should be, what other system has lifted more people out of poverty and in that way enriched so many lives? The answer is of course none. A dumbed-down American education system spends more time talking in glowing terms about Nelson Mandela than it does about George Washington and Capitalism. And, every year, the telling of American history continues its march to the left with many students believing the worst, instead of the best of their native country. Heck, some schools fly Mexican flags instead of US flags! You reap what you sow!

Even Freedom is being redefined. Freedom of Speech, our ability to pray, and an entirely new class of “thought crimes” now exist as if we are living inside the book Nineteen Eighty-Four. Hate crimes are an offshoot and early warning of what is yet to come. You would have to be living under a rock if you have not heard the now-semi-official “Feelings are Violence.” “If it feels right, that’s enough,” says your newly brainwashed youngster. But a feeling is not truth.

So, Allan, where’s the uplifting hope for the future you promised? You, my readers, are those future Good Guys! An appreciable portion of the J6 defendants are the good guys. People reading conservative blogs, books and podcasts are those Good Guys. The Good Guys are the doers. They are the people who figure out tough problems and solve them! They are the entrepreneurs, professionals, and truth seekers who will become an Army of many. Already, the Democrats fear us; that’s why they call us out, prosecute us, and call us evil.

One overreach, one miscalculation by the ruling class, one more attack against our children, and an organic uprising may be inevitable. It’s happened before as the Bonus Army once marched on Washington and it will happen again. Governments that fear their citizens don’t last. The time will come once again when we’ll realize the wisdom of the Founding Fathers expressed within our Constitution and the power it vests in “We the People”, which means you and me. Never give in to those that seek to bring us low. Don’t believe their lies.

God bless America, its values, traditions, and especially the Ukrainian people who endure the unendurable at this moment.

Allan J. Feifer