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Distorting the Truth that is America

Distorting the Truth that is America

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Confusion and Division. That’s where we are today as a country. There is so much on our plate, you need to be a rocket scientist to keep up with what’s going on and to weigh its significance to your everyday life. Has it always been this way?  I don’t think so. I think we’ve gradually seen an increase in the quantity and velocity of information and issues grow over the last 20 years or so. Is this by design or happenstance? And, has technology played a role in the current quagmire we find ourselves in? Finally, why is this even important to you and me? Let’s start with a partial list of what’s on our plate:

  • Covid
  • Political leadership issues
  • World events including nuclear war
  • Economic events like inflation
  • What the future looks like for our children and our elderly

Quite a bit in the above sampler that is by no means a complete list. Let’s run down the list, one by one, and put in perspective why these things should matter to all of us.

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Covid, for all the press its gotten and all the personal and economic hardship it has caused is just the first step in a longer process that is unfortunately just getting started. The United States got a slow start to an epidemic that you would have thought we would have been better prepared for. I am not enamored with much that we and the rest of the world did to try and contain Covid. We failed spectacularly, but not for trying. Should we have just let it run its course or just have tried to protect the elderly? I certainly don’t know why, but between bungled messaging, bad science and nearly destroying our economy and our children’s future; it was not our finest moment.

Yet, at the same time, America understood and acted on the reality that this is/was a world problem and to a greater extent than other nations, we led the world in research, donation of shots, (for better or worse) economic and other aid, not just for our own country but also for altruistic reasons. Kudos to us for trying to do the right thing. No one bats a thousand. I wish we had made better scientific, political, and other decisions, but we are where we are. Lessons (hopefully) learned.

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Political Leadership Issues

We don’t have fistfights in our high chambers like some other nations do and we don’t vote, in lockstep with whoever is leading our nation like say Russia and their Duma or China and their National People’s Congress. That’s a good thing!  The secret sauce that our Founding Fathers wrote into our Constitution was tension.  We call it debate and the process often looks like gridlock. That’s by design to ensure a certain continuity of thought and stability. Have we ever been as fragmented as we are now?  You betcha! In the runup to WWII, our nation’s leaders were very divided on how to react to the gathering war clouds in Europe. In the aftermath of the crash of the stock market in 1929, our leadership was divided on what to do. With people starving in the streets and the wealth of our citizens critically in peril, political divisions raged. In the runup to the Civil War, we were again divided and slow to react until Fort Sumter seemed to decide the issue for both sides. All these instances demonstrated a divided nation until certain events transpired, and in an instant, we coalesced on the right course.

Eventually, America always rallies to whatever challenges we face. Not necessarily so with other nations, as I have witnessed.  The system our Founding Fathers put in place all those so many years ago works. However, there have been more recent changes that threaten our legacy of finding solutions and making the frequently hard decisions needed to continue to be exceptional.

Our leadership has begun to stray from our core principles and beliefs as we adopt a multiculturalist view of the world that seeks to change who we are as a nation and as a people. Our core strengths stand in juxtaposition with terrible concepts being espoused and promulgated today. It’s as if someone or something is trying to drain our blood, our essence to make us no better, no worse than the rest of the world. We must resist this idea and fight those that attempt to bring us down using the tools and actions of division, implicit racism, rampant uncontrolled immigration, destruction of the nuclear family, and other insidious actions. Foreign nations and non-state actors hammer us constantly as they seek to control our communications and abet too many of our insincere political leaders.

Clausewitz: War as Politics by Other Means. If you want to understand how we have gotten to where we are, read about Carl Von Clausewitz and his famous quote. In this case the opposite is just as true. We don’t have physical war; we have politics instead of war. People still die, there are winners and losers both economically and physically, but the stillborn fruit of our womb today are these new tools of societal destruction I’ve been talking about. They are just as deadly and dangerous as actual bullets and bombs but without the obvious destruction, which makes them all the more insidious. America is being maneuvered into a position which we will find difficult to extricate ourselves. Yet, like a pendulum swinging in the opposite direction, we will find our footing eventually and overcome our current predicaments and prevail once again. You must have faith in the good, the right, and in God. You must also accept that evil exists and must be confronted. You can’t hide from evil!

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World Events and Nuclear War

There have been no world conflagrations for 77 years. The world has not seen the kind of carnage that existed in two major world wars for a long time. Was it because of MAD, an acronym for Mutually Assured Destruction that our nuclear doctrine is based upon? Or, was it something else? We don’t seem to focus anymore on how relatively peaceful our American world has been for so long.  I have not forgotten about Korea, Viet Nam or even the Gulf Wars and assorted other conflicts. They just don’t rise to the level of death that we have realized only three other times in our history.

Our government does a lot of things poorly. One thing they got right is the balance that was struck with world stability. Crazy as it might sound and to the horror of many, nuclear weapons have kept an uneasy peace in the world and have restrained would-be tyrants from starting up new World Wars. That balance is not absolute, however. I am reading a book right now…How the World Ends by Ron Rosenbaum, a tie-dyed pacifist, which I am not. He unveils a starkly scary history of close calls and near misses that wind up with the conclusion that someday there will be a miscalculation that starts a chain of events leading to an unprecedented world nuclear war, whereas, he states, “the survivors will envy the dead.” Really dark stuff. His book was written in 2011. I do agree that we need better control of our strategic deterrence than we do today. It can’t be one-sided though.

One of a series of possible flashpoints he mentions in his book is a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, Israel and Iran, and even Sunnis against Shia. He even mentions Putin and his calculation that limited nuclear war is not only possible, it is also likely and winnable. The key takeaway and this is the scary one, is that inevitably, even limited nuclear exchanges will suck in the rest of the world in an all-out nuclear exchange. The corollary to this is that the other side believes their threats of nuclear war will enable them to do their worst without a response in kind.  No easy answers here.

Ukraine is exactly the kind of flashpoint that can get out of control. Wargaming by our government and various think tanks have demonstrated the danger of people like Putin miscalculating and attempting a bridge too far where anything can happen. The danger of Ukraine is that it emboldens an all too sane individual like Putin who thinks he is some kind of modern-day Napoleon, except he isn’t. What happens when he goes too far and his territorial, economic and political aspirations are met with someone who vigorously disagrees? The world has seen before what happens when you don’t confront evil early. Putin is a rational egomaniac that believes Russia will lead a new world order. Where have we heard that before? What is different today is that Putin can destroy the world and his form of dictatorship is absolute. Nothing constrains him. That is the essential reason that we can’t let him have his way. He wants it all. Want some inside poker on Mr. Putin? Listen to this quote:

“…At a reception in 2015, I had a chance to ask Putin about his planning for the occupation of Crimea. “I was even surprised at how well it went!” he told me with a smile. The West must make sure he does not find it so easy this time…” As reported by Daniel Treisman in a CNN article on the 24th of February 2020.

Where this goes, I can’t quite predict. But I know that we will inevitably have to confront Putin and we will. The strategy we develop needs exceptional leadership that we don’t have today. For now, we will have to play for time. I’ll stay close on this issue. The stakes are simply just too high.

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Economic Events like Inflation

Depending on who you speak to on the causes of inflation, you’ll likely receive different answers. There is only one real truth though. Inflation is caused when there are too many dollars chasing too few goods. A juiced economy was created by efforts to fight the effects of Covid. The majority of those stimulus dollars were appropriated and are now being distributed by the Biden administration. There are plenty of conversations about inflation being a direct consequence of this kind of spending. To make a fine point, it was expected, at least temporarily by statements made by the Biden administration. They were wrong then and are even more wrong somehow believing that Build Back Better would somehow stem inflation. Look for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates about 2% this year as a starting point. Inflation will hit the middle class more than any other sector of our people. Inflation is never good; it is punitive and disruptive and likened to a thief of your wealth. Inflation is always a choice rooted in poor economic planning.

What can we do, besides trying to cool off an economy that is not really as “hot” as claimed except by hiking interest rates and risking a recession? The most important thing we can and should do is to return to the energy independence we willingly gave away just 13 short months ago. Decisions made by the Biden administration have led to hundreds of wells and hundreds of drilling rigs have been idled by government fiat. This has directly led to both higher prices at the pump and for home heating, oil and ironically is forcing us to buy foreign oil including Russian crude right now. This is insane and is a nod to the power of the climate change lobby that would rather buy foreign oil from our enemies instead of producing it ourselves.

On the first day of the next revolution, these crazies will be tracked down and taken out, and shot for the harm they did to the American people. Russia gets 40% of its national income from oil. Europe gets more than 35% of its energy from Russia. There is a noose around the neck of a significant percentage of free people in our hemisphere. We have to realize that what is happening in Ukraine today is to a significant degree the result of decisions poorly thought out by our leadership. Mistakes, in my opinion, have certainly risen to the level of incompetence.

Inflation and energy are two sides of the same coin. Our current inability to understand that protecting the American dollar is the key to our continuing power and wealth. Spasmodic actions and loud rhetoric will not fix our energy or inflation problems. I do not know how events will work out under the current administration. Americans must wake up that their economic and ultimately their personal freedom is being bargained away in a quest to be something of dubious value. Our survival today depends on reasonably priced energy and spending within our means. Our internal discipline will be watched by the world more closely than any platitudes we espouse. Step one for all of us personally is to understand the economic issues and push for sane and accountable leadership. Elect people who understand the very basic issues at play here and don’t complicate it with feel-good issues that are specious at their core.  Spend less and control our sources of energy. It’s that simple. We’ll whip ourselves back into economic shape pretty fast if we take off the restraints and full-speed forward on these priorities.

But What if We Don’t Change the Current Arc?

After you view this video, just for a moment, please pause and reflect. Put yourself in this video. Imagine if this was your city, your hometown, your very street. What would your personal resistance be? would you be like this man, standing against rapidly moving tanks with nothing but his bare hands, or would you just go hide, conditioned by a generation of passivity into believing nothing more than happy thoughts while your basic freedoms and worldview occupy only the smallest part of your consciousness? Would you through up your hands and trust that the cavalry is coming to the rescue to restore your perfect world?

The reality is that this is a dangerous world and America has been on the decline for a long time. How we got here is now only tangentially important at this moment. What we do about it now, how we wake up and become engaged is everything.

Start today, by becoming what my good friend calls an “Engaged Citizen.” That’s a term used derisively by government officials for a citizen who won’t accept what he/she is told at face value, and who asks questions with an expectation of truthful answers from those that ostensibly work for us.

The world is neither benevolent nor evil. The world is much more akin to the weather. All weather happens as a result of localized heating of the earth by the Sun. This creates pressure differentials which in turn creates wind moving from areas of higher pressure to lower pressure. This is how the political world works as well. Putin sitting in for a metrological high pressure depending on other nations to be low pressure, or a better word, compliant and in fear of him. The United States has become feeble to a degree I could have never imagined. We do things against our self-interest like putting things like climate change, our economy, and feel-good social experiments above the reality that is our world. Putin and Xi Jinping laugh at us.

Friends, there is no safety through believing in unsupported and child-like happy thoughts. That’s where too many Americans are today. There is no Shangri-La for a reason…it just doesn’t exist. The threats we face today are very consequential. They can neither be wished away nor will go away by closing our eyes to what’s going on. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us.

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts and particularly what, if anything, we can do personally to keep our great nation relevant and safe in a world that lurks with real Monsters.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer


No OPM is not an Opiate

Our country must be under the influence of some kind of Opiate. How else can you explain the rush to jump off a fiscal cliff we seem so inclined to do?

Other People’s Money shortened to OPM is a slightly derogatory term that seeks to explain how our government manages to spend money they don’t have year after year. Forty years ago, our national debt sat at about 1 trillion dollars; today 30 trillion and climbing. And, contrary to some absolutely crazy people who believe we can print money and borrow without limit…it is unsustainable. The American people have been brainwashed into believing that government knows best and allows them to continue to bungle their way forward like what they do is both normal and utterly correct.

Well…I don’t think so and today I’m going to share with you an altogether different story of how we got to where we are today and how it is essential that we rewrite history or…we simply won’t survive as a nation or a society for another 50 years. To the extent possible let’s have some fun with this as we talk about something that is, in reality, not very funny at all.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall—Who can Waste Our Money More?

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Senator Proxmire is now dead and buried. A somewhat unremarkable Senator except for his now-infamous annual Golden Fleece Awards. From Wikipedia:

The Golden Fleece Award was a tongue-in-cheek award given to public officials in the United States for their squandering of public money, its name sardonically purloined from the actual Order of the Golden Fleece, a prestigious chivalric award created in the late-15th Century, and a play on the transitive verb fleece, as in charging excessively for goods or services.  

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Here are just a few of some of his “award winners”:

These nine make up only a fraction of the thousands of items highlighted over the years. Think that was back then and maybe doesn’t go on today? You judge:

  • Buried in the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Report of the United States Government is a short section titled “Unreconciled Transactions Affecting the Change in Net Position,” which explains that these unreconciled transactions totaled $24.5 billion.
  • Government auditors spent the past five years examining all federal programs and found that 22 percent of them — costing taxpayers a total of $123 billion annually — fail to show any positive impact on the populations they serve
  • Washington spends $25 billion annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties
  • A GAO audit classified nearly half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper, fraudulent, or embezzled.
  • The Pentagon recently spent $998,798 shipping two 19-cent washers from South Carolina to Texas and $293,451 sending an 89-cent washer from South Carolina to Florida
  • The refusal of many federal employees to fly coach costs taxpayers $146 million annually in-flight upgrades.

Has Government Simply Gotten Too Large?

Hell yes! Is there a single citizen out there that has not been totally and absolutely frustrated dealing with this or that department of the government? And, this goes for state and local governments almost as much. Let me let you in on a secret. I am terrified of the IRS. Not because I am some kind of tax cheat, but because I know that there is no one I can talk to who will take responsibility to make an issue right. And, they have the power to destroy individuals and companies without any thought at all. Heck, it might actually be a computer that controls the entire process against you! Who will be your advocate? The IRS, like all other Federal agencies, is an amorphous mass that serves its own purposes and sometimes, too frequently, the political leanings of this or that bureaucrat. Agencies designed at the outset to serve the public good but fundamentally work against that good all too frequently.

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The average American likely unknowingly breaks Federal law regularly. Listen to this:

Estimates of the current size of the body of federal criminal law vary. It has been reported that the Congressional Research Service cannot even count the current number of federal crimes. These laws are scattered in over 50 titles of the United States Code, encompassing roughly 27,000 pages. Worse yet, the statutory code sections often incorporate, by reference, the provisions and sanctions of administrative regulations promulgated by various regulatory agencies under congressional authorization. Estimates of how many such regulations exist are even less well settled, but the American Bar Association thinks there are ”nearly 10,000.” 

Between the fact that there are too many laws, inconsistent application of those laws, and various politically driven or even worse personal animus that government officials, or God forbid, a computer program that decides whether, how much, or when to pursue either administrative, civil, or even criminal actions against you at their discretion, is scary. The more engaged, the more exposed you are. I’ve seen this work in real life. In my business, we frequently deal with government agencies and I have to coach my associates to remember to be deferential at all times lest we make enemies of people we will need to access in the future. It should not be that way and America is certainly not the only place with government bureaucrats thinking their stuff smells better than mine. Probably the worst bureaucrats in terms of officiousness in the world live and work in Paris, Tel Aviv, or most recently Toronto. There’s a reason people work for the government and often it’s not public service!

As far as I’m concerned, that government has gotten too large and that my friends, should not be in dispute. For every real public servant, ten individuals simply think you must be tolerated. There is no solution to this. I don’t see elected officials taking on the bureaucrats; they know they’ll still have their jobs long after elected officials are no longer in office and the bureaucrats know it.

Of course, the answer to the problem is simple, cut off the money. Between departments that have no current purpose, overstaffed offices, bloated middle management, costly benefits that are superior to anything in the private sector, and absenteeism that is so flagrant that the government has to have 10% more people simply to account for it. The resulting costs are tens of billions a year. Could we cut four hundred billion current year dollars of costs a year? Read this 2012 study and believe: 

With a $30 trillion debt, every dollar saved by better personnel practices is one less dollar of debt. This is the low-hanging fruit in government. The average salary of a government worker is $109,992 plus a benefits package that raises burdened costs to about $125,000 a year! Federal workers are grossly overpaid when compared to private-sector jobs.  and Government should freeze pay, benefits, and headcount to bring fully burdened personnel costs in line with average private-sector pay. With $250 billion being spent on pay and benefits each year just for employees on the payroll, much less just as many contracted employees, where else are you going to go to save money? Right-sizing the federal government’s headcount should be a top priority. Today, that discussion is not even on the table.

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A Cautionary Tale

The interest on our national debt is approaching ½ a trillion dollars a year, which represents about 9-10 percent of the total budget. But interest is rate sensitive and today is at historically low levels. If interest rates double to about 5%, we will owe about a trillion dollars a year in interest and interest is now on track to be the fastest rising cost of government. We depend on other countries to buy our debt. If China, which frequently owns the most US debt at any one time were to redeem their loans, could we even do it?  We have transferred far too much power to a hostile foreign government; isn’t that obvious? Over the next 10 years, without any changes in current policies, Congressional Budget Office estimates that net interest will total $5.4 trillion a year. We won’t likely be able to pay that much and still pay our Social Security obligations, Federal Retiree obligations, or any entitlements. Without question, tough choices will have to be made and the longer we wait to figure out our fiscal future, the worse it will be.  A day of reckoning is coming, one way or another.

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On to our Cautionary Tale: Greece faced a sovereign debt crisis in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007–08. Widely known in the country as The Crisis, it reached the populace as a series of sudden reforms and austerity measures that led to impoverishment and loss of income and property, as well as a small-scale humanitarian crisis. In 2009, Greece’s budget deficit exceeded 15% of its gross domestic product. Fear of default widened the 10-year bond spread and ultimately led to the collapse of Greece’s bond market. This shut down Greece’s ability to finance further debt repayments.  

Most importantly, the measures required Greece to reform its pension system. Pension payments had absorbed 17.5% of GDP, higher than in any other EU country. Public pensions were 9% underfunded, compared to 3% for other nations. Austerity measures required Greece to cut pensions by 1% of GDP. It also required a higher pension contribution by employees and limited early retirement.

Half of Greek households relied on pension income since one out of five Greeks were 65 or older.  Workers weren’t thrilled paying contributions so seniors can receive higher pensions. 

The austerity measures forced the government to cut spending and increase taxes. They cost 72 billion euros or 40% of GDP. As a result, the Greek economy shrank 25%. That reduced the tax revenues needed to repay the debt. Unemployment rose to 25%, while youth unemployment hit 50%. Rioting broke out in the streets. The political system was in upheaval as voters turned to anyone who promised a painless way out. Only through a massive injection of money from other countries was Greece saved. Standards of Living have still not recovered and perhaps never will. This is the path we are following.

The United States is well on the way to becoming Greece but without any hope of a bailout from other nations. We are approaching the same level of debt vs. GDP as Greece had back then. This should scare us to death, but you hardly hear anyone sounding the alarm. 

Time for a Revolution?

America is primed on so many levels for a revolution. Social, Economic, and Political forces have to be balanced to make our country work. We are severally out of fiscal and management balance today. We have lost control, not only of the budget but also day to day management of our government. Woke politics has us focusing on relatively trivial social issues that have taken on outsize importance and in the process have removed our eyes from the most important issues government should have a laser-like focus on such as:

  • What is our geopolitical strategy for ensuring US dominance in the world?
  • Economic policies that ensure our ability to pay our bills and take care of both our working poor and retirees
  • Working towards a balanced budget to ensure our economic viability
  • Maintaining the most unquestionably powerful military in the world
  • Retreating from all government functions and expenses that are Constitutionally reserved to the States

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The Opiate destroying our country is Other People’s Money. The day will come when there is no more money. That will be the day the world stops for not just America, but for all other freedom-loving countries that exist to one degree or another in the shade of our great land. Our enemies wait for that day with anticipation.

It is time for a change in direction fellow patriots. Either we continue on the path we are on and see our great nation become irrelevant or we chart a new path forward that makes sense. Be assured Government bureaucrats and most politicians will fight change that they see as getting into their rice bowl. It is looking more and more like the United States is on a path to some kind of revolution. Citizens will not willingly give up their lifestyles and economic security. This worries me and excites me at the same time.

Over the last year, I have become knowledgeable concerning another path forward, one anticipated by our Constitution. I urge all of our readers to go to a website at and read about perhaps our last best hope to use the system our Founders put in place just for such a situation that we find ourselves in today.  Time is the enemy. Every year that we ‘cook the books’ to make it appear that we have plenty of time to figure out how to get ahead of the coming Tsunami, we give up that precious time. It is time to become realists and figure out our next moves now, instead of waiting for a crisis to enfold that we simply might not survive.

God Bless America

Allan J. Feifer

America’s Evangelicals—Society’s Backbone

America’s Evangelicals—Society’s Backbone

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Every movement needs an army of believers. And, the millions of American Evangelicals are that army. Today, we’ll talk about why we can’t make it back to an America that was so exceptional that the entire world either appreciates us for the good we’ve done; or ensures our enemies continue to fear us. Too often, we make the mistake of believing that our country is just another country of many and why should we hold greater sway than other nations? Today we’ll talk about this subject and several more. Let’s start with why America is God-inspired like no other nation in the world.

According to Customs and Border Patrol, people are coming across our northern and southern borders from more than 140 nations. Today, we are not focusing on the issue that we are being overrun by God knows who is coming across the border. Rather, just the fact that so many people, from so many countries, who might have chosen so many other countries to come to, have decided to come here. Social benefits are better in Europe. Other countries are closer and easier/cheaper to get there, but millions and millions choose to come here instead. 150 million people would like to come to the US if they could figure out how.

And, these are not just Central Americans. Rather, they are Chinese, Nigerian, Indian, and many others. I think it is striking that in this poll China leads the group of people who want and do come here to live permanently, legally and otherwise. Why? You do not have to ponder the question long to realize that they believe that America is special. Why the heck do an ever-increasing number of our own citizens feel differently? That’s a great question which we’ll attempt to answer today.

To understand the one best answer, I can share with you, look back to our founding and understand the diversity of people who mostly willingly strived to get here and the reasons they came. It boils down to five issues:

  1. Freedom. Both personal and religious
  2. The chance to provide a better life for their families through an appreciation of capitalism
  3. Geographic advantage—moving from cold to warm climates
  4. Overpopulation where they came from
  5. Forced, through slavery or by England sending over 50,000 convicts during the 17th century.

With the notable exception of those forced to come here against their will, everyone else came at great expense, risk, and travail with the hope of a better life than the one they left behind. Not all made it. And, when they got here, frequently their journey was not finished; they traversed our country from North to South and East to West. No jumping on an airplane at government expense! The traditional view of the best and brightest was frequently true. What made our country work though, are the morals, ethics, and community that settlers brought with them. Almost always, religion was at the center of every successful New World community. At its core, Judeo-Christian Values are the values supported by Christian and Jewish beliefs. These values include charity, empathy, kindness, generosity, courage, service, peace, and love. Inscribing these values in our societal DNA only lacked one other element to get us to that plane of American Exceptionalism…. capitalistic values.

Ying and Yang

America has a complicated relationship between capitalism and religion. There is a basic struggle between the tenets of the two that has not been resolved to this very day. I have friends who have told me you can’t be a Christian and be a business owner. I respectfully disagree even as I understand what my friend was expressing; saying human values are frequently in conflict with capitalistic greed. Yet, it is capitalism that enlarges the pie and allows for generosity and the lifting of all boats that simply would not happen without personal greed. That’s why no socialist or communist system ever succeeded. Why strive when you don’t receive your rewards in proportion to your effort? Virtually everyone hates freeloaders! Only a few zealots buck that truism, and for how long? Kibbutz in Israel has largely become nostalgic or become part-time i.e. get back to your root’s endeavors. Know any successful communes? Even American communities of Mennonites and Amish struggle to stay intact and certainly aren’t expanding.

Yet religion is not passe or irrelevant as many people might believe. Religion and what it brings to society are essential not only for maintaining the fabric of society but as a guide to daily living. Not only Jews and Christians, but any monotheistic religion that espouses similar principles are the bedrock for every successful society throughout history. In America, it is evangelical Christians that make up the largest segment of God-centered individuals in the country. And they are indispensable, not only for their beliefs but for the actions they take to ensure our country stays on the right path, morally, ethically, and especially, for our purposes, politically. Like the clarion call it should be, evangelical and other religiously centered communities need to use their influence to ensure government works on principles that reflect our beliefs. Never intended to be Godless, the government has moved from being God-based as the Founders intended to just plain Godless.

Natural Law and Divine Law

John Locke (1632–1704) is among the most influential political philosophers of the modern period. To my mind, God’s Law is inexorably interlinked with Natural Law. Locke stated: “Natural law can be discovered by reason alone and applies to all people, while divine law can be discovered only through God’s special revelation and applies only to those to whom it is revealed and whom God specifically indicates are to be bound.” Locke thought these were two separate states of being, each standing on their own. However, there is such a high degree of borrowing between the two that I cannot see a material difference. This is important because it gives religion the entrée into government that is essential and that was intended by the Framers of the Constitution. A careful reading of many of the Founders’ public and private communications demonstrate they had the following in common: (1) belief in a personal God, (2) familiarity with the Bible, and (3) belief in prayer. While no state religion was to be tolerated, a belief in the central requirement to obey God was so common, it need not have been stated and it generally was not. We are a religious nation by birth, tradition, and necessity. Anyone who tells you otherwise has their own agenda or is just uneducated.

This understanding is important for religious and non-religious individuals to understand. That while God comes first, we must recall General Douglas McArthur’s speech in 1962 at West Point that clearly articulated the hierarchy of Duty, Honor, Country that McArthur so clearly laid out that day. The absence of any mention of family is not an oversight. McArthur was a devoted family man who was only limited by his adherence to the mantra of Duty, Honor, Country. This very religious man ordered his life according to his priorities. Below is a prayer that reinforces that point that he later became quite famous:

Duty to self, family, country, and God are completely consistent for someone who’s religious but yet lives firmly in the secular realm. I hope that each of our readers understands and appreciates that one can be religious and still have a responsibility to protect our way of life by participating in vigorous and oftentimes contentious political discourse.

An Evangelical’s Duty—and everyone else who believes in God

America is a sacred place, even our currency states “In God We Trust.” The entire country is a sanctuary, both literally and physically. Believers like us pray every day for what is important to us and for a right good nation. That pesky word ‘responsibility’ comes up again and again. God provides for those that provide for themselves. And, so it is with our national body politic. It needs God and needs those that believe in him to take the proverbial shovel and start digging. We can’t expect good outcomes to happen by divine providence all by itself. A long time ago I read something like only one out of 10 of us will ever write their elected representative, one out of 25 will contribute to a campaign or for an issue they support and one out of a hundred will work on a campaign or for some political issue that is important to them. Nothing happens until you decide to become involved and give it the priority it deserves in your daily life.

You don’t need me to tell you what’s at stake. The future of our children and grandchildren is hanging in the balance on so many different levels. You may have had a good life going for you at the moment, but so much has changed for the worse that if things are left as they are, your children and their families will not enjoy as free a life as you have had and their opportunities and world will look much smaller and limited. Now is the time to assert ourselves while we still can. As a true believer, how can you not take a more active role in our country’s future? Your future religious freedom is very much on the line. Did you see the video of the policeman in Australia walking into a church service and stopping it to make sure everyone who was there had their masks on? Think it could not happen here? Think it will stop at that?

There are times in life when it’s right to sit on the sidelines and watch the parade go by. There are other times when no ethical patriot can turn a blind eye to the terrible state of our once-great nation. We have been cowed on the world stage and at home. Edmund Burke famously said over 200 years ago:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good man do nothing.”

Fellow Patriots, believers in God and defenders of what is good and right and in opposition to evil, what say you? Will you stand up and be a soldier of God in this struggle between Good and Evil? The choice is yours. Decide to stand up for what’s right or by default you stand opposed to what is right and just. Become a soldier in Gideon’s army. I’ll stand with you!

If you agree with what was discussed here today consider as a first step consider forwarding this discussion to your Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, etc. This would make a great Sunday School topic or sermon from the pulpit. A truthful discussion of the evil and wrong facing all of us must start someplace, why not among those that believe in the truth and the light and your place therein? Doing nothing, Burke understood aligns you with evil. What you do, or not do, inscribes you, one way or the other in the Book of Life. How do you wish to be remembered?

God Bless America

Allan J. Feifer

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Allan J. Feifer is an outspoken patriot lifelong conservative author & Inspirational speaker. In light of recent events, Allan felt compelled to write his new book after he and others felt helpless watching the destruction of what was once the undisputed greatest nation on earth. Stay connected with Allan’s blogs for more awareness.

America’s Last Line of Defense—Our Sheriffs

Hello Fellow Patriots:

What do New Orleans, San Francisco, and Portland all have in common? Besides being led by Democrats, all of these cities and quite a few others, have demonstrated their lack of willingness to enforce laws. And when the peanut butter hits the fan, governments’ willingness to disarm citizens and abandon our most basic precepts of English Common Law and our Constitution will likely fly out the window. How? By either seizing lawfully owned guns as happened after Katrina or arresting shop owners in Portland defending their property, the common theme is a breakdown in civil society and rule of law and instead, bowing to the wishes of the criminals and nihilists.

Today, we are going to talk about five subjects:

  1. The unprecedented attack on our law enforcement officers
  2. Spineless politicians and others actively negating our laws
  3. Your responsibility to protect yourself and how best to ensure your own safety
  4. How America’s Sheriffs fit into the equation
  5. What’s next


I have not just respect but awe for every Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) that suits up to work each day in an environment of mistrust, anger, overbearing rules, the presumption of guilt, ever-present video, and more. The awesome responsibility of protecting those that frequently don’t appreciate the truth is that for most of us, the very presence of a policeman, deputy, or other officer allows us to lead our lives without fear.

“You want me on that wall…” Like the line from a Few Good Men, the reality is that I want and most sane people sleep better knowing dedicated officers are chasing away the bad guys 24/7. If you live in a place like Portland, New York City, and San Francisco, to name just a few, where it is a sport to disrespect officers and many citizens actively try to figure out how to monetize their interactions with cops, God help you because you are effectively on your own. And, don’t expect any loudmouth politician or social worker to come to your rescue when you might need it most.

At least 90 officers died in the line of duty last year, eight in January alone. And, our lawmen and women must contend with horrible people who have so little respect and compassion that they complained that some streets were closed for a fallen officer’s funeral. What type of people have we raised in our country? Individuals raised to hate those that by and large want nothing more than to go to work in the morning, protect our way of life, make a difference and then go home to their own families?

Our Federal government downplays the sacrifices and suffering dished out to LEO’s. In Portland (again) Federal Marshals were pummeled with rocks, spat on, and worse protecting a US Courthouse from looters and anarchists’ intent on burning it down. Our DOJ seems so much more concerned about the criminals than the officers. Most rioters were not arrested at all and few were prosecuted. The half who pleaded out were only given sentences requiring community service! Again, something that would seem made up it’s so ridiculous.

In a climate like exists today, why would anyone want to wear the uniform? Many officers are starting to wonder. How many political appointees have their men’s and women’s back? From CBP is this unusual exchange; I see our system of laws, our support for our protectors devolving every day.

If I have not convinced you by now that being a cop today doesn’t get the respect it deserves…you can stop reading now.

Spineless politicians and those that seek the destruction of a nation of laws:

If Sheriffs are our protectors, then some District Attorneys have become the opposite. The role of District Attorneys or whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods is the chief prosecutor and/or chief law enforcement officer representing a U.S. state in a local government area, typically a county. The exact name and scope of the offices vary by state. The primary purpose of District attorneys is a responsibility for efforts like recommending sentencing, initiating further investigations, and presenting cases against a suspected lawbreaker. They are to prosecute, investigate and recommend the charges to be prosecuted if any. They have wide discretion but all undertake an oath to support both the Constitutions of the US and of their state.

I feel like I’m some kind of scratched record that keeps repeating the same lyrics over and over. But you can’t move forward without a firm grasp of the fundamentals. You would think that obeying the laws of your state or county is non-negotiable, that prosecutors would not have any leeway. Also, you would think there would have to be a close working relationship between LEO’s and District Attorneys. Unfortunately, these two obvious truths are no longer reliably true. The scratched record aspect is George Soros. Mr. Soros found a clever way to subvert the country. Elect District Attorneys that both ignore their constitutional responsibilities and hate our system of policing and laws. And, he did it on the cheap and without much controversy.

Mr. Soros and his allies spent $29 million to elect their kind of District Attorney. Virtually all represent major cities and the Democratic party. Collectively, Soros is responsible for putting in place people in many major American cities. That alone is not the problem. The problem is the policies that have been enacted and their effect on our civilized society:

“The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) analyzed the outcome of dropping conviction rates under six different progressive district attorneys. These district attorneys are cited as “criminal justice reform” prosecutors who seek to use their elected positions to unilaterally end mass incarceration and racial disparities in convictions and reduce recidivism rates.

The report found that in each of the six prosecutors’ jurisdictions, felony crime rates have increased while their prosecutors’ policies are reducing conviction rates. The net results are a lack of justice for victims and rising crime rates. The report concludes, “This signals a troubling trend as these progressive activists attain local prosecutorial roles and may mark a rise in crime in the affected jurisdictions and nearby locales.”

There is a safety valve that could stop this cold. Governors in most states have wide authority to remove elected officials who violate their oath of office. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, you also have a Democratic Governor. Even in those cases where you have a Republican Governor, it’s tough to remove a lawfully elected official. However, we must find a way to remove these oath breakers by any legal means necessary to save lives and to bring justice to citizens. Politicians who ignore what’s happening right under their noses need to be called out in much the same manner as we witnessed in the Loudoun County School District. Citizens have been cowed for too long. Recalls are largely ineffective, slow, and expensive and have largely emboldened those individuals where a recall has been attempted but failed. Only 25 out of 529 recalls were successful last year. Pretty dismal.

Your responsibility to protect yourself and how best to ensure your own safety:

The average response time to a 911 call is between 3 and 15 minutes. Average response times for citizens in a rural area can be even longer. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what mayhem can happen in 3 minutes, much less 15 or more minutes. The average response time for an Active Shooter Situation in a school is 3 minutes. A lot can happen in the blink of an eye, much less three minutes or more. And that assumes you can even call for help.

Every American must understand and accept that they are ultimately responsible for their own safety and prepare to be their own First Responder. I’m sorry that not everyone is physically or mentally equipped to perform that role, but this is the reality. And, your risk is going up year by year due to the overall deterioration of police protection in too many parts of our country. Due to drugs, lower conviction rates, and shorter incarceration times, more criminals are out there. A great resource on how best to assess your own risk and what to do to protect yourself is your local police or sheriff’s department. Most have advocates that can help you preplan a strategy before a crime occurs. When in doubt, reach out and see what services are available. Even someone in a wheelchair can learn how not to be a ‘soft’ target. That’s the key to a lot of avoidance strategies. Don’t advertise that you are a tempting and juicy target. Don’t advertise wealth and never, but never, show weakness. Evildoers prey on the weak. Softer targets are readily available, they’ll tend to move along when they see or feel like someone is going to resist them. Ever heard the old adage about what’s the best kind of alarm system? It’s the sign out front!

I’d like to talk about another point that is all too true. We are our brother’s keeper. There are too many stories of people witnessing a crime that either ignore the crime or whip out a camera and record it like some medieval gladiator event. Civil society infers a duty to be a good Samaritan. While a biblical term, the definition is nonetheless still apt:

“Good Samaritan” is commonly used to describe a person who acts to help others who are in need.

Common sense should prevail, but accept that all of us are honor-bound to help those whenever possible against harm or death when you are able, even if means you take some risk. God, please help us if we forget this lesson that again separates us from the animals. And, for Pete’s sake, put away those damn phones! And another thing…. even if you can’t help someone at the moment, we all have a civic duty to report what we saw and know to the authorities. This business of ‘not getting involved’ is flatly un-American. We have always been pseudo-deputized. If you want to live safely, accept that you are part of the solution. There is no way around that. Report what you know. See something, say something is not just for terrorism.

How America’s Sheriffs fit into the Equation:

By now, most of us realize Washington politicians, Democratic Governors, and way too many local politicians are not constitutional textualists and as such, what they believe and how they govern is a moving target that constantly sways with the political winds. Worse, some people actively work for the destruction of an America that they despise. Strong words indeed, but heartfelt in belief and observation.

The day may come when we are all up against the wall and under threat. If you believe that’s not a possibility, then I pity you. Far too many Americans have their head in the sand and can’t see the writing on the wall. All it takes is the right set of circumstances and the national government, in the guise of protecting us, could move in with all their power. The parallel is striking to me that Russia used this pretext to invade Crimea in Ukraine. If Russia could use it to justify their actions; is it that unreasonable to believe that some zealot(s) in Washington or California might try to suspend our civil liberties in a fake crisis at some future time? We have seen inklings of that in New Orleans, Japanese Internment Camps in WWII, actions taken under the Patriot Act, and more recently widespread abuse of our civil rights in the name of Corona Virus protection.

We make the statement over and over again that governments tend to function for their own ends over those of the citizens they are supposed to serve. I would put nothing past those who feel threatened or march to the beat of some kind of belief completely opposed to our American way of life.

This is where our Sheriffs come in and the significance of the map we displayed earlier. As you can see, the vast majority of American land is controlled by Republicans/Conservatives. Democratic cities are consumers more than they are producers. This is true on a massive scale. Transportation arteries, warehousing, raw materials, all largely reside in Red states. Conservative individuals overwhelmingly are more independent, more resourceful, more resilient, and are better prepared for a societal dislocation than most city dwellers. This sets up a perfect storm scenario when in a disruption, Blue states will want and need what Red states have. This then sets up a possibility/probability that conflict will erupt either from hungry city people or the government moving to take resources by force from people and companies that have those supplies. You can bet one thing, those forces will try to do, they’ll attempt to disarm, arrest, or kill anyone who stands in their way.

Get to know your local Sheriff. You might be surprised to find out how many of them have envisioned and even acted on their concerns that mirror these thoughts. Alliances of counties in some areas of the country already exist. The ability to close off areas to potential looters or migrants has already been thought about by some. Many of us will not willingly allow what we have to be taken or “shared” as you will hear from those that despise you today and only see you as some “hoarder.” Your Sheriff is the firewall between you and the hoard when push comes to shove. Get to know him/her. See and understand how they would plan to protect their citizens in times of crisis. Better now than finding out later.

What’s Next:

What is next is THE question. There is a battle going on between various factions in our country today. Puppet Masters are pulling the strings trying to split us up as a society and they’ve been amazingly successful. The pure evil genius of fracturing us along our various racial, economic, social, political, and globalist vs. nationalistic lines has been devastatingly effective. The stock and trade of the Destroyers is propaganda, misinformation, the encouragement of tribalism, and the demonization of wealth among many well-thought-out tactics.

Together, unified in a shared commitment to the basic precepts that all Americans should hold dear, we can survive and prosper. Fragmented and lost in chasing crazy ideologies that make little sense and only lead to failure, we will lose. I am eternally optimistic that we will find our way back to logic, solidarity, and self-reliance. What do you believe?

God Bless America

Allan J. Feifer, Outspoken patriot lifelong conservative author & motivational speaker. Allan felt compelled to write his new book(The Book – Unconventional War) after he and others felt helpless watching the destruction of what was once the undisputed greatest nation on earth.

Ukraine and Our Strategic Interest

Ukraine and Our Strategic Interest

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Our subject commences long ago when the geopolitical world had its biggest changeover with the rise of European Colonization. From Robert Longley:

“Colonialism is the practice of one country taking full or partial political control of another country and occupying it with settlers for purposes of profiting from its resources and economy. Since both practices involve the political and economic control of a dominant country over a vulnerable territory, colonialism can be hard to distinguish from imperialism. From ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century, powerful countries openly scrambled to expand their influence through colonialism. By the outbreak of World War I in 1914, European powers had colonized countries on virtually every continent.”

the following is the complete list of 20th-century colonizers:

Austria, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Japan, Russia, France, Soviet Union, Great Britain.

Conspicuously absent from this list is the United States, which will surprise many people who believe they ‘knew for sure that the United States was and is the world’s worst exploiter. Fortunately, just not true. The United States was a major force after 1900 in seeking the dismantlement of colonial countries. Today, colonialism has fallen into disfavor with the lone exception of Russia and new entrants…China. China, with its Belt and Road Initiative, is a subject we’ve talked about in the past and will be revisited again in the future. Today, let’s specifically focus on Russia. Did you know, that under President Putin’s reign (and I use reign instead of leadership quite specifically) Russia has attacked or subjugated multiple nations:

And today, the wolf is back again, looking at the biggest prize yet…the balance of Ukraine.  Why should we care?

First, we must understand the motives and endgames that Russia and Putin pursue that are distinctly different from other Western nations. Second, we need to understand how war is fought today vs. how it used to be fought. We’ll examine America’s role in the world and lastly, we’ll try and project what will be playing out on the world stage over the next few weeks, months, and years.

Understanding this puzzle with many moving pieces can be tough, there is no making this simple. Without this understanding of history, we become pawns, easily manipulated by coordinated disinformation campaigns delivering anti-American concepts that we discuss all the time. With our enemies seeking the economic and social destruction of the United States, what we see at present is a clear and present danger overlayed against a domestic society weary of wars, commitments, and distrustful of how much longer we can maintain our ‘superior’ world view.

Putin is not pursuing a classic colonial power strategy. Instead, Russia is pursuing a Stalinist or Hitler-like strategy. He seeks domination of those nations he targets to both protect the homeland, but more telling, Putin seeks to conduct asymmetric war that goes beyond having nuclear weapons and allows him to leverage the relatively small size and industrial might of Russia. Did you know that Russia has only 146 million people?  The United States at 345 million and European Union at 447 million people normally would allow little space for an ascendant Russia. Russia has developed a plan to both increase its population through the invasion of other countries and use other tools at its disposal to essentially blackmail its neighbors into quiescence. While Putin has not been known to play chess competitively, a highly placed individual once stated “But, on the chessboard of the world he is a Grand Master compared to the “casual” players who lead western democracies.” Putin is a narcissist and believes he is destined to resurrect the old Soviet Union and then confront the west. Chillingly, Putin may very well be a sociopath. Combine his iron fist control of Russia with his history of words and actions, his own view of Manifest Destiny for his dreams of a revived Russian empire and you may very well be observing the next Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

One last point on this subject. Most people don’t know/remember that Hitler and Stalin had a non-aggression pact at the beginning of the Second World War that allowed Hitler to fight a single front war against Europe. When things went badly against Hitler, Stalin turned on him and became our “ally.”  Putin is likely playing the same set of cards today, teaming up with China against the West. The United States is incapable of fighting a two-front war today against Russia and China without the use of tactical nuclear weapons. This is how dangerous these times are.

War is fought differently today. But only on the western side of the coin. Putin has no compunction against killing civilians or causing massive collateral damage. He fully embraces the classic missive that war is about killing people and breaking things. In the West, war is highly nuanced and political. Because war is dynamic, we have ‘standard’ ways of fighting that might be akin to tit for tat, what we call proportionality. This alone has kept us from winning wars for the last 75 years.

Fighting wars is anathema to civilized societies. Unfortunately, the other side takes advantage of our ‘perceived weakness’ and floods us with messaging and images that only demoralize us further and undermine our will to engage, fight and win. Putin understands that and uses Agents of Disinformation to influence our domestic communications. This extends not only to our population in general but to our political and military leaders. Once again, Wokeness (viewing everything through the prism of racial and social justice) permeates our Fortune 1000, government and the military, continuously sapping our will and confidence. Disinformation campaigns are a form of war by other means. A quiet ware that we have been fighting for a generation.  How is it possible that we could be at war for so long and virtually the entire country is unaware?  Thank our both Woke and super liberal media for being complicit in having become agents of disinformation for our enemies and anti-patriotic as never before.

I could not conclude this section without discussing why wars are inevitable. The two strongest kids on the block always fight. It’s in our DNA. We don’t necessarily fight for territorial gain, but we generally fight on principle. Russia will fight to dominate. Once the fight is underway, hopefully, our DNA should kick in and the fight will be on a more equal footing. Because we are the good guys (and we are) our inherent creativity and self-serving interests will allow, over time, for us to win wars. But, only (1.) if the gloves come off and (2.) there is sufficient time for us to ramp up. Time is vital because we don’t historically react promptly to threats of war. The other side will be ramping up (Ukraine is a great example) while we look for every off-ramp, we can find attempting to avoid conflict. Only at the last moment or when we are likely under attack will we declare a state of emergency and come together as a nation. There may not be sufficient time to react. You can be sure Putin has factored this in.

Reasons in favor of global engagement include a deep concern for what happens in the Ukraine:

I’m always amazed when I hear about some plane crash in a distant or remote country where almost always there will be Americans aboard. We are everywhere and there in every capacity. Our missionaries, business people, tourists,and government functionaries permeate the earth. American influence, from entertainment to financial, social constructs, military, political and more are willingly embraced by the majority of the world. We are investors, farmers, first responders, teachers, protectors, and more to the entire world. I bristle when I hear people make the naïve statement that we can’t or shouldn’t be the “Policemen of the World.” We are invested, both financially, politically, and socially, everywhere. Everything that happens in the world affects us to one degree or another.

One more thing to understand and process. If we retreat from world leadership, we essentially become isolationist by default. You already know that I am very mistrustful of globalism in general. You would think then that I might favor going it alone. Unfortunately, a highly industrialized society such as ours can no longer do that. You can’t be isolationists and access world markets to the degree we must. More so, there are an incredible number of commodities, components, and other things we need that are not available in abundance here. As the country moves to ever more advanced technologies like fuel cells, batteries, and wind-produced power; just to name just a few, often these items are in the hands of other countries that can and do restrict our access. These are challenges that require leadership and sometimes power projection to ensure access to strategic materials. Isolationism may preclude our country from obtaining those essential materials and denial of access to our products and services.

With over 9 million of us permanent ex-pats another 15 million regularly traveling throughout the world, how can we not be engaged? Overwhelming, we do good all over the world. American culture and values have a tremendous effect on the rest of the world. This is a story that is not told enough. We are a force for good 10-1. At the end of the Second World War, we were the lone superpower. Now, there are three with China and Russia seeking not just a seat at the table, but nothing less than changing that dynamic and seeing our country completely knocked off its perch. Do you want to see China and Russia calling the shots around the world with us relegated to a supporting role?  I hope we’re not that foolish. For better or worse, we have become the connective tissue that not only stabilizes the entire world but fends off those that have expansionist designs. Putin is cut from that same cloth, my friends. We dare not disengage from the rest of the world. Trouble and evil will eventually find us. History makes that lesson plan.

We are perennially late to the party. Because we are a benevolent and pluralistic nation, we don’t staff up a war room to come up with our next evil genius move. Putin does. Putin war games scenarios to destabilize us and to gain tactical and strategic advantage. Russians have always been among the best mathematicians in the world. Now, their cyber warriors carry out mayhem all around the world and even here. Last year Russia shut down the Colonial Pipeline in an overt ransom demand. The year before, they shut off the water supply for a small American town. There are dozens of such attacks that have as their goal, the knowledge that they can both penetrate our systems at will and cause massive disruption.

From the New York Times: “Cyberweapons have changed international relations more profoundly than any advance since the advent of the atomic bomb. In some ways, they are even more profoundly destabilizing — they are cheap, easily distributed, and can be deployed without consequences to the attacker. Dealing with their proliferation is radically changing the nature of state relations, as Israel long ago discovered and the rest of the world is now also beginning to understand.”

Another example: Russians have shot down their own satellites as a proxy for shooting down US satellites. They want to make sure they can retard our ability to communicate and can disrupt our command and control. This does not get the attention of the American people but it’s evidence of Russia settling on what tactics it will employ when and if they take us on. Nuclear is effectively off the table so newer methods of accomplishing their goals are imperative to guarantee their war aims. Is our country prepared to face these challenges? I am very worried that we are not up to the challenge. The recent emphasis on Woke military culture coupled with commanders without successful warfighting experience and whose greatest accomplishment is gaming how best to climb the military ladder are not what we need. For damn sure, we don’t need any more bureaucrats. We need doers, tacticians, and the best spearchucker’s we can muster. No more social experiments with our military men and women!

Time to prognosticate. Let me try and be Putin for a moment. I’m fixated on restoring the old Soviet Union’s Warsaw Block but not the communist form of government. I admire how Hitler unified his people and damn near pulled off capturing and holding nearly all of Europe. But he was stupid and bit off more than he could chew. Continuing with if I were Putin…. I’d make a partnership with China and divide up the world and split said world geopolitically and economically. I’d sew uncertainty, fear, and division throughout my enemy’s world. I’d field new kinds of wonder weapons that intimidate my enemies and lower their morale. I’d get in their heads and keep them two steps behind my actions. I’d support subversive elements among them, the creation of fake news, and even faker issues that would see my enemies chasing shadows. Then, when they are their most vulnerable, I’d take maximum advantage of the situation before offering an olive branch that only solidifies my gains. History teaches they’ll likely take it.

I hope that my very dark and dystopian treatise scares the heck out of you, it does me. Our recent intelligence failures, despite spending $80 billion a year, would seem to point to a systemic problem; likely poor leadership at the top and excessive political influence. I can’t tell you how far we have fallen since the storied early years of the CIA and other intelligence agencies. (We now have 16 separate intelligence services) With a divided Congress, there is a distinct lack of focus on this critical investment in our safety and security.

The country’s strategic interest is often not fully understood because to a degree, it is a moving target. Nonetheless, we must do better than we have done in the past. It is imperative but gets short shrift too often. With confidence in our intelligence services restored once again, better strategic decisions can be made and acted upon. Without good intelligence, we will continually walk through the wrong door over and over again. More importantly, we will not walk through the door that is essential to keeping faith with our people and warfighters. It is our choice and responsibility to get this right. What happens in Ukraine will be keeping a lot of people up at night for some time to come.

God Bless America

Allan J. Feifer

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Allan J. Feifer , A lifelong Republican, Allan has always been conservative in his views. A author of conservative book named unconventional warfare book and a patriot. A famous USA writer and a great thinker of capitalism in america today.