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Freewill, Education and Lawlessness

Freewill, Education and Lawlessness

Hello Fellow Patriots: 

As this was written, news of another senseless shooting of three Texas Deputies rings deafly in my ears.  We are on track to see one LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) killed each week this year. A violent and insane trend has developed over the last several years that must stop now. LEO’s are our soldiers  standing on the ramparts of some medieval fort, guaranteeing the safety of those that rest inside knowing they are protected that night by someone who says “Sleep Well, my friends, I’ll stand guard  against those that might seek to do you harm.” The Rule of Law is a concept. The Officers, Deputies, and others who serve are the teeth that give weight to the promise of a law-abiding society. This promise,  this construct, this way of life has held together generation after generation throughout the civilized world, ensuring we continue to be a lawful country. Until now. 

It goes without saying for any casual observer of the news, politics, or even just watching local events that there is a severe strain on this fundamental assurance that we have taken for granted, generation after generation. While some blame law enforcement itself (not without some issues), the social contract, so inviolate, for so long, is under severe stress. Today, let’s talk about how this happened and what we can do about it.  

Life is simple. People are way too ready to jump to the standard refrain that life is complicated and therefore fixing things is difficult. It’s been said that nothing fixates the mind like the imminent prospect of death. You know, your life flashes before your eyes and you see things so clearly? It’s the same way with this subject.

Here’s another Power Statement:

The Lack of Respect we Show Each Other Starts with Lacking Respect for Self 

While there are evil people; most people who do wrong, sometimes committing evil acts, are not necessarily themselves evil. People fall into bad situations when other, better opportunities don’t present themselves at the right time. Think about it for a moment. Faced with robbing a bank or accepting a good job with good pay and benefits, how many of us would say, robbing a bank sound like the better choice? An oversimplification? Perhaps, but the concept is entirely valid.  

I was toying with a shock title for this piece like “Should those that steal a child’s education be hanged?”  Thought I might lose too many readers with a title like that. Yet, if I could identify a single person, at a  particular cross-section of time that destroyed your child’s chances to enjoy a successful life, it would be my pleasure to stop that person by any means possible. Because I believe anyone, any group and or any thought process that has as its aim to destroy a child’s chance to prosper and succeed in life is an adherent of genocide. That, readers, is the definition of evil.  

I don’t know if I used this in another blog but I was at a Subway a couple of weeks ago and asked the guy to cut my sandwich in thirds. He was clueless and looked pained like he knew he should know the answer to my request but could not string the dots together. Someone told him how to cut it twice and the sandwich was wrapped and eaten vigorously. A person I knew from work had never heard about balancing a checkbook. Another who lived in the state capital did not know the name of the said state capital. Each of you has its own story to tell that makes my point.  

Dateline: “Chinese Students Excel in Critical Thinking, Math and Science—NYT 10-21 

Dateline: “In 2017, the United States spent $14,100 per full-time-equivalent (FTE) student on elementary and secondary education, which was 37 percent higher than the average of Organization for  Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries of $10,300 (in constant 2019 U.S.  dollars). At the postsecondary level, the United States spent $34,500 per FTE student, which was 102  percent higher than the average of OECD countries ($17,100).  

The US spends more on education than any other large country, but students lag academically. › programs › coe › indicator_cmd.asp 

Teaching children to learn important topics and to train their minds is not difficult. Too many other countries do it. Why can’t we? At this point, the question is not if we have failed our children, but who or what are to blame? Notice I did not add, ‘and what to do about it.’ The answer is almost obvious. It’s not hard to impart knowledge, discipline, wisdom and to create a thirst for ambition. Our current system is designed to destroy, not nurture most of what is good. It is the intention of someone, some group at some level that percolates down to the individual schoolroom and teacher. Mediocrity is the goal. That was what Common Core is all about. 

In my Unconventional Warfare Book, I talk about the pivotal moment when we moved from Arithmetic to  New Math in public schools.   

“In 1966, I took my last Arithmetic class and was welcomed into the theory of New Math. The big difference was no more long-form memorization and working problems out in a static manner. Instead,  theory became as important, or more important than actually being able to (understand and execute)  math problems. had this to say on the subject: “Before the results could even be measured, new math became a near religion, complete with its own high priests and heresies. Chief among the hierophants were the University of Illinois’s Max Beberman and Stanford’s Edward Begle. Together with mathematicians and educators at universities in New York, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and  Maryland, they took aim at the mindless rigidity of traditional mathematics. They argued that math could be exciting if it showed children the ways of solving rather than just the how’s. Memorization and rote were wrong. Discovery, deduction, and limited drill were the best routes to arithmetical mastery.” 

Except these new High Priests were not just interested in teaching Math, they were interested in changing the world. Perhaps they were not just simply wrong, but were instead, intending to introduce a  new societal imperative…Equalization of Result. 1966 was a tumultuous year. Support for the Viet Nam war turned negative for the first time. The Church of Satan is the first (of many) nontraditional churches to be recognized by the IRS. Martin Luther King holds his first “Freedom Rally” in Chicago. Charles  Whitman kills 16 students at the University of Texas and becomes our first mass shooter. Lansing Michigan witnesses one of the first Race Riots ever.

The House Un-American Activities Committee begins investigations of Americans who have aided the Viet Cong. U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson,  responding to a Charles Whitman evil act writes a letter to United States Congress urging the enactment of gun control legislation. The Black Panther Party is created by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. It was a tumultuous year and the turning point for those that wanted a different America than existed at the time.

A year of pontificating turned into action. New Math was one of their tools to rewrite the rules for  America. It was just the beginning. “Now, almost fifty years later, we are hearing the same lament about our mathematical skills and the same call for educational mobilization. Why? Where did New  Math go? And what happened to all those schoolchildren ready to experience, as one writer called it,  “the wonder of why”? Today, we know what the “big picture” really is. 

What we described as Equalization of Results, morphed into simply Equity. 

Freedom requires an individualist mentality as much as we need air and water to survive. And, Free Will can only be obtained by an educated individual. An educated individual must have Free Will and an ability to think through concepts and non-linear concepts and observations. To be free, you have to understand what freedom is. Perspective is gleaned by understanding the ground you stand upon and its interrelationships with the rest of the world, near and far. Today, too often one’s understanding of the world is limited to a much smaller perspective…the Hood.

As in “Lord of the Flies”, the 1954 novel by  William Golding, the boys on that lost island understood little except what was necessary for their everyday survival. Where to get water, food, shelter, and belonging to the tribe were the complete and total realization of their everyday life. And so, it is wherever you live, be it in a gang, tribe, religious group, or part of something bigger than yourself, your life’s experiences and strikingly, your lack of experiences and world view defines you and shrink your opportunities instead of enlarging them. 

A good education is a way out of poverty. Education is the magic elixir that lets you see opportunities for what they are and assists you in walking through the right doors. Education was the great equalizer that grew some of our greatest and brightest minds. Doctors, statesmen, military men, thinkers,  philosophers, industrialists, and even peacemakers. Dumb people don’t enlarge the pie or our society.  Let there be no misunderstanding of that concept and truism. Education leads to peaceable citizens. I  can’t over-emphasize the importance of that statement. 

Those that steal opportunities from children are the worst kind of thieves. They are adherents of a hell-bent genocidal coven that must be fought, kept at bay, and triumphed over. Who will lead this charge?  It won’t be politicians, school board members, unions, and rank and file teachers. Their time has come and gone. They traded the gold that was the children entrusted to them for temporary or false gain.  

Heard about California teachers demanding a 30-hour, four-day week with children learning from home on Fridays? No, now it is up to the citizenry itself, particularly parents to demand the education we all pay for and to stand against those audaciously accusing them of being domestic terrorists. Demand that your child be classically educated, free of social justice shenanigans and other lies. Parents must teach morals, ambition, and Godliness. Step up to the plate and do your duty.

Schools long used as dumping grounds for the masses must change overnight and with due regard to their real purpose. To teach reading, writing, arithmetic, critical thinking (not CRT), and the primary lessons of life, i.e., nothing of value is free and nothing is owed to anyone except an expectation for a fair start. Teach the hardest lesson of all…that life is neither fair nor against you. You get out what you put in. No government can give you something unless they take it away from someone else. That’s the life of a thief. Is that what you want? Is that what we want to aspire to? 

Don’t rob children of that fair start by handicapping them by the very act of walking through those school doors each day. Some schools are irredeemable. For those situations, children must leave and take their education dollars with them. Some parents are also irredeemable, whether they are drug-addled, career criminals or so self-involved as to be incapable of parenting. For them, separation is the obvious consequence. But, at every juncture, the needs of the child must be paramount.

When someone chooses to have a child, they surrender much of their free will to act as if they are not parents.  They made a bargain with God and Society to be responsible for their children. Everything else is secondary until they successfully leave home. That is life. I write a dark passage for those that forget that inviolate lesson by putting themselves ahead of their charges. 

Stay tuned and always, always, aspire to be a Patriot. Ask yourself, what is it that you did this day, week,  or month that is patriotic? We are all tasked with fighting this worthy fight. Your passion is the key to victory. Believe it! 

If you like what we write, please share it with your friends and loved ones. 

God Bless America and Happy Holidays. 

Allan J. Feifer 

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Demonization of Wealth

Hello Fellow Patriots:

In the Jewish extent of important holidays, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year’s, and Yom Kippur, the day of redemption, faith, and charity are the big two, that every observant Jew stops every day life and reflects on the past year. As I write this blog entry on the 20th anniversary of 9-11, I reflect on so many emotions within my being. I am:

• Humbled
• Angry
• Full of Regrets
• A bit Hopeless and resigned
• Lacking the faith I once had in my fellow man

I need to reflect on the meaning of 9-11. By the time you read this, the 20th anniversary of 9-11 will be retreating from memory. For some, those who lost a loved one then or in the fight that followed to righteously set wrongs right, 9-11 is like ground-hog day, with every morning bringing back deeply held memories that become part of who you are, your very being. For those people and others, 9-11, like Pearl Harbor did for all Americans in 1941 is a searing memory that does not diminish with time.

America, in its righteous anger, went after those that would wish to bring us to heal. With the extraordinary and painful payment of blood and treasure, you would be right to believe that we went down the wrong path this time. What went wrong? Far more than we have space to fill today. Suffice it to say that we once again allowed politicians rather than warriors to manage a military action. And, did not set firm goals and obtain them before claiming a false victory.

America is in transition. From where and to what is an open question. I had a Labor Day cookout at my house a few weeks ago. It became clear to me in listening to some of my guests that emotions ranged from anger, frustration, apathy, and even a kind of acquiescence to our new world view…losers. Observing and participating, I knew our innocence was lost in a maelstrom of mixed emotions that had no bottom, no obvious way back.

Yet, I know they were wrong, I felt it in my bones. Whether it is my good friend who is sure the end has come for America in the face of an ascendant China or another good friend who wants to trust the good intentions of those that have no demonstrated history of successful outcomes. America has been blessed with great leaders when we need them. Leaders who do not do focus testing to decide what they say and do, but instinctively do the right thing and will bring us along for the ride, even when it is not popular. In deference to my good friend who believes China is eating our lunch (they are) size of population and ambition are not determinants. Brains and Freedom are.

In the United States, even with the drag of millions of people whose most important thought and priority each day is their next meal or getting to the football game on time, we have more brains, innovators, and patriots than anyone else in the world. Take it on faith, there is no challenge, no problem, no issue, no bad government leadership that will overcome a simple, yet extraordinarily powerful American idea like Freedom.

Intellectual freedom, political freedom, physical freedom, and most of all economic freedom have the power of an atom bomb. With this freedom will come the leverage necessary to prevail, even in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. We have been tested before with seemingly overwhelming odds and prevailed spectacularly.

Lately, we’ve largely been responsible for our own undoing, there is no question about that. We have been misled by our leaders, our thirst for trinkets, our love of leisure time, and our belief that there is a free lunch when there never is. Most of all, we choose to not take responsibility for how we got here.

Voting is a sacred right and privilege. I blame voters squarely for an incredible disinterest in learning what the issues are and the ramifications that result as a consequence. Just because something is hard; it’s not an excuse to vote for a sound bite. Do your research! Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote:

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”
How true. How obvious. And, it has happened. No matter whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or just don’t care; we are all equally responsible for electing individuals that can’t grasp four simple concepts:

  1. You can’t spend more than you take in (except in times of war)
  2. You don’t go to war unless you plan to win at any cost
  3. You never establish a right by one group of people to raid the Peoples’ Treasury at will (entitlements)
  4. All leaders eventually stink like yesterday’s fish dinner (term limits)

We lost our innocence by believing that a representative government meant the citizens ceded interest  in the final product—good government. How we get it back is going to be messy. For the first time, I’ll  state that I don’t think we’re going to be successful at the ballot box to restore classical American  values. We’ve gone too far for too long.

You can see it in those polls that reinforce the administration’s  view that a majority of the people like the new entitlements and spending proposed in the new $3.5  Trillion bill now being circulating in Congress and slated for one-party passage. You see it the millions of  people sitting at home unwilling to go to work and make a living. You see it in destabilized families with  troubled children who can’t read and write well and with marriages that discourage the young from  replicating their parents’ successful lives. It’s a troubling time indeed. 

It bears repeating…circle back to my statement “there is no challenge, no problem, no issue, no bad  government leadership that will overcome a simple, yet extraordinarily powerful American idea like 

Freedom”. If you truly believe that, and you must if you don’t want to be a slave to the system or some vision of one-world government, you must resist. You must regain the belief in the power you already  have and confront the evil that is present in your lives.  

There is no sugar coating it, the burdens of living a good life include the responsibility to do the heavy  lifting required. Remember Super Man? What was it he said, “Truth, Justice and the American Way?”  Having just emerged from the great depression, Superman uttered these words for the first time in early  1942 just after Pearl Harbor.

Those words are not just comic book lines, they personify what America was and what it must once again become or risk facing annihilation with barely a footnote in history  written by our enemies as a failed experiment. Don’t think this could happen? We see history being  rewritten today, before our very eyes, by the current liberal politicians who seek to stamp out views,  laws, and history that does not suit their narrative. Lord I know we are on the precipice; if only every  good person could/would see it! 

We seemingly strayed far from our title of “Demonization of Wealth.” But not really. Wealth is how a  free nation measures its success. For those out there that want to replace wealth with Equity, wealth is  the enemy. By destroying our wealth, we, therefore, begin to transition to their concept of Equity.  Wealth and Equity are opposites in our view. For our purposes, it would be pretty fair to replace the  concept of Equity with Marxism. Our enemies no longer come straight at us. With stealth and lies, with  their minions in the press and office, they come as thieves in the night for your wealth. Don’t let them! Their immediate aim is to make everyone equally….poor. 

Fellow Patriots and you are a Patriot if you have read this far, ask yourself the question, “If not you, then  who?” Find a way to contribute to the most important goals you have. Safeguard not just our heritage,  but our children’s future and that of billions of others yet to be enslaved by dark forces waiting in the  shadows. Every freedom-loving person, white, brown, or polka-dot has a place at this table, but, be  prepared to pay the price of admission.

Freedom is never free. And it’s a solemn duty we should thirst  for, work for, and even, if necessary, die for, just like some of our Founders did. More recently, we as a  nation and as Americans rightly protect our national interest here and abroad, we send our sons and  daughters all over the world, sometimes coming back in caskets or with broken bodies. I for one believe  America is worth that high price that requires this holy payment. I hope you do as well.  

A good future can be ours if we are willing to expend the effort that freedom requires. God Bless America 

Allan J. Feifer 

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