Archive: October 25, 2021

How quickly we forget our history

How Quickly We Forget our History

Widely ascribed to Yogi Berra, this quote will warm you up to today’s topic: “How quickly we forget our history.” The hardest thing conservative activists face is effectively motivating the many who, for one reason or another, can’t, won’t, or don’t understand the threat we are under. Thousands of conservative writers are spot on describing […]

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Ruthless Subservience
Political Narratives Divide Us Title

Political Narratives Divide Us (that’s what they want)!

How does Cancel Culture work? Have you ever heard of the Townsend Warbler? A bird discovered in 1834 by John Townsend? Remember that bird’s name because it is in the process of being canceled and renamed by the American Ornithological Society. Discovered when he was 24, eventually, Mr. Townsend is alleged to have been a […]

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