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Honor… Has America lost all honor?

Honor… Has America Lost All Honor?

Hello Fellow Patriots:

History is replete with massive failures of leadership and finger-pointing that always follow major military or political debacles. We often point out that the lens of history is frequently not resolved into sharp focus for a long time. This is going to be an exception. This massive failure to lead is on the scale of a Neville Chamberlain and his famous “Peace in our Time” quote. That’s not hyperbole.

But, as the killings and carnage in Afghanistan are only just beginning, actions can still take place to completely turn the situation around or can ameliorate the rather dire projected outcomes yet to come.

What we do as a nation in the next few days will forever cement our place in history.

The title of this article is Honor. Something we seemed to have lost in the last generation as our leaders focus on the issue de jour as they became willing slaves to the next news cycle. Two things I want to point out today to our fellow Patriots:

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The Grand Strategy of Identity Politics

The Grand Strategy of Identity Politics

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Today’s message is a bit highbrow but stick with me as I lay out how a typical individual forms their decision-making process and why it’s important to understand.

Think of life as a pyramid for a moment.

Every political, social, and economic structure is an interconnected web of pyramids with leadership at the apex and members of each pyramid in successively lower floors of the pyramid based on their loyalty to leadership, importance, and other factors. People can belong to more than one pyramid, but in a game of three-dimensional chess, similar aims, desires, and proclivities place pyramids on different levels.

I used the term “game” for a reason. Game Theory is about strategy.  Wikipedia defines Game Theory as:

“The study of mathematical models of strategic interaction among rational decision-makers.”

 What do Pyramids and Game Theory have to do with all of us?

Everything. Understand how these two things relate to each other and you begin to understand how life works. Let’s break this down. In the first 150 years after our country’s formation, there was more or less one primary pyramid we all belonged to. Immigrants at the bottom, farmers, merchants, blue-collar workers, cowboys, teachers, and more all working for a living in the center.

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The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive

Hello Fellow Patriots:

Today’s message is being written as the full consequences of amateur thinking in Afghanistan play out. The breadth and depth of our failure of execution will be studied for many decades to come. Experts knew what was likely to happen as we hurriedly hit the exits within too short a period, but politics made the decision. President Biden will forever be known for this miscalculation which is only just starting to count the dead from his hubris.  The future numbers will be staggering and it is not beyond the possibility that we will have to return and partition the country along tribal lives to stop the slaughter.

But, today’s message is about something even more important; if that’s possible. It goes to the thinking process that inevitably leads us to these mistakes. Take the following issues and let’s dissect the Administration’s thought process vs. what really will happen. It is your Rosetta Stone to understand intent vs. reality.

  1. The Southern Border
  2. Fighting Covid
  3. Climate Change
  4. Race
  5. Globalization

Allan’s Rule Number One:

Whatever you incentivize you get more of.

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Questioning Your Sanity

Questioning Your Sanity?

Or perhaps a better question might be: Are you questioning everyone else’s sanity?

Truth is fungible today.

If we are uncertain of the truth from supposedly reliable sources that tell us we’re wrong thinking; who are we to disagree? The problem is that we all should be free thinkers and if someone, even someone we trust tells us it’s dark outside, even when we can see that it is not, we begin to lose trust in traditional authority systems. Then, faced with multiple “truths” to choose from, we are left on our own to decide what to believe and what not to believe. Some of us are well equipped to discern what’s reliable and what’s not. Most are not.

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